So you guys wanna hear more about Will?

So I left you guys off as Will and I got back to the condo after unsuccessfully organising a threesome with Julie and Will. You can read about that post here – click here.

During the first drink Will started talking about Julie (he liked her more than I do) and I thought that maybe there was still a chance to get Will down to his speedos for some fun. I started telling him about sex with Julie… and in detail. We were both on the couch and as I told him about how Julie and I first fucked in our room (our room being Will and my room) while Will was asleep… Will then admitted that while he was asleep when we entered he soon woke up and heard the whole thing.

Will then admitted that he had jacked off while Julie and I were going at it.

That was when I realised that speedo action with Will was ON!!!!

I was getting horny with all this sex and masturbation talk and I could tell Will was as well. So I suggested that we go for a hot tub (it is locked at this hour of the night but we can climb up the railing and get in no probs). Going to the hot tub made sense as we didn’t want to wake up the other housemates. I already had a pair of black AussieBums on under my jeans so I didn’t have to change but Will went into our room. I didn’t mention speedos just yet (I didn’t want to scare him off) and I know that Will always wears speedos under his board shorts anyway.

Will came out of our room in his boardies with a couple of towels, I had already poured 2 more drinks and we left the condo for the hot tub.

That will be enuf for today guys – I’m hard just thinking about it again.

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Big Jay

I can not stand it when you leave us hanging with this I want more, just hard thinking about it, by the way whatever happened to the pics we were to submit?

ten and cut

stud we need more than this! how do you get in those boardshorts and get him down to the speedos.

Not only have you got hard thinking about it, damn I am hard as well.

I am also still holding out hopes for a three way!

I hope tomorrow brings more m8.



You are evil!! We want details!!


More More,
Your killing me.
So any chance of getting details of that foursome with Matt etc.
How far did you and Will go.
Like I said More More.


you tell great stories. I cannot wait to hear more.

Keep up the great work!



Excellent story dave cant wait to see what happens
you speedo stud man.

ps dave plase let guys know how to wear speedos. yesterday saw a guy in speedo they were baggy on butt and string down front.
Speedos you guys shounld be worn to the waist not over tight,but fitting well on the butt.and crotch. HEhehe


Dave and guys how do you point your cock in your Speedo straight up or to the side? My first swim coach always told me to point it straight up towards my chin. On the waterpolo team we wear our Speedos low enough to see our crack. Jeff@Indiana


damn. the things you get up to. i’m so jealous. can not wait to hear the rest of your story with will. hopefully you’ll get to hook up with him so we can all hear about it soon.


Hey man,

You are doing are a very good job. Keep it up. But you are cruel at times when you keep us hanging and waiting. Well i would also love to see some of your and Will’s pics together.


Dave- Half the people that watch our swim meets and water polo matches attend only in the hopes that our tips will poke out of our Speedos accidently. Some of us like to put on a show from time to time so we don’t tie our drawstrings very tight.Our divers do this alot but tend to loose their Speedos when they hit the water and with underwater cameras there is no where to hide. Jeff@Indiana

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