Some Girls Like Speedos

Hey guys,

The last couple of weeks have been super hectic.  We finally got some snow – about 2 feet in the last week, which means that Kip and I have been out and getting our share of the pow pow.  Work has been busy and members of will testify to some great new features over there – you should check out the free downloads page.

And on the sex front – I have never had this much variety in my sex life.  Last weekend I had a threesome with a couple in Denver, on Wednesday night I had a threesome with Kip and a guy on vacation from North Carolina and last night I picked up a cute brunette chick from Texas (but lives in Denver).

Turns out, this chick loves speedos!!!

Who would have guessed it right?  We were in the shower and I was about to take my boardies and black speedo solars off and she noticed my speedos.  She told me to keep them on.  It was super hot and she told me she hoped I’d wear speedos all the time.

Goes to show that some girls do like speedos.  I wrote more about this on my bisexual blog – if you are interested.

The speedos I was wearing are these black speedo solars – mine even have the ‘speedo brand’ and logo in blue just like these ones.

Black Speedo Solar

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Dr. Phil

Very nice, Dave!

I’ve got a few Solars myself, but I can’t now recall if I have a black one like this…I’ve got a navy blue, a royal blue, a turquoise, a green, and a yellow if I recall correctly…

Unfortunately, I have yet to meet a girl that would admit to liking speedos, and many are downright embarrassed by the mention of them, unfortunately. (And so are many gay guys I know as well, alas.) You’re one lucky bum! 😉

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