Some more speedo kissing

Loved all your comments on my post last week about double standards when it comes to guys kissing vs girls kissing.

I’ve read every single comment ever posted on this blog (you guys clocked over 1,900 last week) and it is one of the things I enjoy the most.

As a reward, here are some more guys kissing in speedos for you guys.

Guys KissingSpeedo KissKissing in Speedos

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Thanks for this reward, nowt better than hot guys kissing in a pair of sexy speedos

Super stuff.


Kissing in a speedo is great. Speaking from personal experience, not a scientific study. When kissing in underwear and the other guy moves down, he also pulls down the underwear before exploring with his mouth. When kissing and wearing a speedo, they always start exploring from the front and get the speedo all wet from their mouth. Not complaining, just an observation. Even when the underwear is the same cut and tight contents.


did some of that on sunday, with the rain (continually) pouring down in the hot tub!
of course we were sans speedos. they were being washed by the downpour.
make the most of (many) rainy days I guess 🙂

Dr. Phil

I like all of these…

But, I’m especially wondering what sort of speedo the non-red one is in the first photo–it looks hot!

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