Some stats on the blog.

Another quiet day here – still crappy weather but it is supposed to fine up tomorrow and be a great week. I need to get outside!!!!

So I thought today I’d post up some stats on the blog.

First post was on May 9th, 2005 (click here to read it).

Since then there have been 308 posts by me. And 746 comments posted by you guys. Reading comments is what makes my day so keep them coming guys.

There are 58 other sites that link here.

I’ve met in person 7 people through the blog (had sex with 2 of them).

The layout of the blog has changed 4 times.

Last week the site got 11,034 unique visitors (1,575 people a day).

SpeedoGuy Traffic Numbers

Just some boring facts I thought I might share with you guys.

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Oh, wow. Now you really hit an alltime low.
You are sending out stats of the blog. LOL
Hope you get better weather very very soon. Prefer to read about your adventures better.
Keep up the good work.


Hi Dave,
Never say your facts are boring lol.Do you know why
you are so popular,because you put a personal touch
to this blog,and you are down to earth.And its a excellent blog, Top marks to you.
Its cold in wellington to.But once the weather clears inthe south island how beautiful it will all look Oh Yeah.


I hope your recent decision to announce your stats doesn’t mean you’re coming to an end! Love the blog dave, now go out and find some fun in your new home!!!

Its pissing rain here in the UK if that makes any difference…

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