Something/someone new to play with

Kip and I have been pretty well behaved lately.  It has been a couple of weeks since the Denver boys were in town (remember we played ‘pick the speedo out of the hat’, and depending on what speedo you got, you have to play that role).

In the spirit of keeping things fresh this morning I got onto Grindr and thought I’d see what is about town.

Turns out there are a few new guys floating about – I suppose people are starting to arrive for the winter season.  We got a few replies but one that really stands out, 23yo, new to town, bottom, he is ‘speedo friendly’.  Guess who is coming around for a late night hottub…..

I’ll tell you guys all about it tomorrow.

Chillin' in SpeedosSpeedo Chill

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

hot tub friendly? make him wear a red speedo…btw you will get snow tomorrow..bye summer..
kip should wear his beefcake thong!!

walker said,  

Seeing as that I am somewhat new to summit county, what is the gay/bi scene like up here? It seems like everything is in Denver. I now know why everyone at work uses the word “import” when they are talking about a date.

Dave Evans said,  

Beer Doc,

Yeah we got a bit of snow but only sticking around on north facing slopes. 2 nights ago (Thursday) things started to refreeze and I-70 and Swan Mountain Rd. were closed do to muppets driving in the cold for the first time.


The gay/bi scene up here is pretty underground. There are a couple of ‘out’ guys around but most guys are pretty str8 acting. There are a bunch of guys on Grindr these days which is good. Let me know how you go mate.


walker said,  

Thanks Dave, that was kind of my thought. So, I now have a Grindr account 😉

DeepKisser said,  

Well…are you still playing with the new hot tub friend?

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