Speedo BBQ

Today I was talking to one of my mates in Aussie, where I have spent some time on the Central NSW Coast.  He just got back from a snowboarding trip to Japan and is back on the beach enjoying the warm weather, beach, surf and weekend BBQ’s.

I started looking through some photos (a couple here) from when I was there last and it got me thinking how the Texan Brunette would fit into that group of guys.  I think the funniest thing is that in summer these guys (all of them str8, as far as I know) will be sitting around the house watching football and playing backyard cricket in their footy shorts and no shirt.  Definitely something I couldn’t see my American mates doing.

These guys mostly wear speedos under their footy shorts but they are short.

Gives me an idea that Kip and I should have a speedo BBQ maybe up at A-Basin on the famous ‘beach’.  Anyone in Colorado interested in joining us?

Speedo BBQBoys BBQ'ing in Speedos

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