Speedo Foolery

Last nights BBQ, I mean grilling, was a ball.

Ended up about a dozen people, Kip’s sister was there and her new boyfriend (she always has a new boyfriend) and things were very much speedo friendly.

Most of us ended up in speedos handing around the hottub.  Nothing too naughty although Kip did get a late night drunken ramming when we finally made it to bed around 3am.  Once I finish this blog post he might be in for some more punishment – hehehehe.

There is definitely a sexual tension between Kip’s sister and myself.  It is weird but we are all adults so it is fine.  I think she is an awesome chick but her brother being an employee and a fuck buddy of mine kinda complicates things.

I’m sure some pics will be posted from last night on Facebook but here are some pics from another speedo friendly party of a bunch of just normal guys for you guys to enjoy this morning.

Guys in SpeedosThree guys in speedosCute guy in black speedosFooling around in speedosStraight Guys in SpeedosSpeedo Foolery

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Camillus said,  

Any pictures of you or Kip posted? Just curious if we’d see either of you in your speedo’s I would like that .
Any info on Kip description?

BozeHawk said,  
Sam said,  

Mmmm . . . very nice group pics of hot guys in speedos! As Camillus asks: and chance of some pics of you and Kip in speedos?

Dave Evans said,  

What I think is hot is that the guy on the far right of the top photo – he is wearing 3 different speedos in those photos.

Guys swapping speedos – hot!!!!

Kip and I are a little bit discrete, I’m not out to all of my family and neither is Kip. Although I love it when people recognize me from my blog I’m not sure I’m ready to be the face of speedo sex.

Maybe one day I will be but not at this point in my life.


cr said,  

Gotta love any party with speedo friends! I was wondering where the 2nd guy from the left, one wearing the skimpier floral-colored speedo doesn’t show up in any of the other pictures? Some one has to take the pics…

Dave, you may not be the “face” of speedo sex, but you sure have expanded the exposure of speedo sex to a wide group of appreciative folk, thanks!!

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