Speedo Friendly Place to Live

I am up in the air on what I’m going to do and where I’m going to live.  I always seem to be up in the air but I’m not complaining at all about the places I do end up living.

The air is getting a little cooler here (still no need for jeans just yet) and it feels like things have definitely turned their head towards the coming winter.

I’ll stay here in Colorado for the beginning of winter for sure.  At least until after Xmas.  Then I think I might need to get my beach back on.  Heading back to the Central NSW Coast in early February would be perfect, school holidays is over, there is still a stack of summer to enjoy, getting a rental property shouldn’t be too hard in Feb.

Another option, would be to find somewhere else in the world on a speedo friendly beach, good internet access and cheaper living cost.  Any ideas guys?

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If you’re fit and young, and only if you are, West Street Beach in Laguna Beach, CA can be hot. As well as some of the gay resorts in the Warm Springs section of Palm Springs, CA. If you’re over 30, you can pretty much forget it, unless you like to watch and wank.


Southeast Florida is also speedo friendly, and Haulover Beach lets you hang it all out!

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