Speedo Independence Day

Not sure what Kip and I are going to do today for Independence Day.

There is a bit of snowboarding to be had up at the “4th of July Bowl” – which is thus name because there is usually snow up there to ride on the 4th of July.  I’m not sure what it involves but it sounds like fun.

This Friday we are having a bit of a BBQ (or grilling as I’ve been advised to call it) which should be a bit of a hoot.

Neither of us have the Stars and Stripes speedos but we both have Australian flat speedos – might be something I’ll have to aquire and I’m sure Turbo have some.

Happy Independence Day guys and if you have any American Speedo photos be sure to post them over on TheSpeedoForum.com.

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happy 4th!! if its red white and blue…wear it…..and you are correct…went hiking up to lakes to take pix and still 5ft to 10ft snow drifts…usually no snow this time of year..have a good bbq. i am cooking later and watching Rockies.and fireworks….glad you had a good trip

Dr. Phil

Well, at least 3/4 of the photos are totally hot!

I am proud to say that of the more than a hundred speedos that I own, not a single one is red, white, and blue, or stars-and-stripes in its colors or patterns. Each color on its own is great; two in combination can be very nice indeed; but the three just doesn’t do anything for me personally.

Now, with some of the guys wearing them above, I’d change my tune, but…! 😉

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