Speedo Penis Outline

Another boring day for me doing some work – I was thinking of climbing one of the local mountains here today but it is high overcast and a little cold so I might leave that mountain until later in the week.

One thing I am going to do today is to start organising my return to Canada – flights, season pass and accommodation are three things that I am going to take some action on today.

But that is all boring so I thought I’d post this pic – I love the cock outline through this guys speedo. He is definitely cut and if I saw that at my local pool (I don’t have a local pool) then I would probably jump the guy and lick the end of his cock through his speedo.

Speedo Cock Outline
Speedo Outline

5 Users Responded in " Speedo Penis Outline "

Anonymous said,  

fuck dave this site give me a sore cock you think you jerk off a lot i can’t stop when i’m on got to jerk off now he’s got a nice bod and it looks the same for his cock

Dave Evans said,  

Great to hear I’m promoting masturbation – definitely one of my favourite things and if I can help anyone with that then I’m happy to hear it.


Hunter said,  

Thank God someone came up with a speedo blog! I just discovered your great blog. I am putting you on my blogroll right now! Please do stop by my blog if you have the time.

Anonymous said,  

fuck dave my wanking has gone sky high at least 3time a day doing it now these speedo pics give me the biggest hard on i’m wanking in a pair of blue aussiebums

Big Jay said,  

Hmm maybe I should make a trip to Canada this year??? 😉

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