Speedo Shower

Monday morning here and I’m up early.  Looking at this guy in his white speedos having a shower definitely helped me get ‘up’.

The weekend was crazy, I didn’t sleep at all on Saturday night, went for a couple of runs on Sunday morning but I had to get off the hill, I was still a little tipsy and I hate snowboarding like that.  I came home, went to bed and work up at 10pm, my body clock is a little screwed up but I’ve got a bunch of work to get done this week so I’ll just nail it today.

Anyone get up to some fun last weekend?

I can’t believe how hot this guy is!!!  Does anyone know what those speedos are or what city that is?  I would really like a pair of those speedos!!!

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Wow, I know spandex is form fitting, but this speedo seems like it was painted on!


What a hot photo


That is a damn hot pic. As far as weekend fun, the bf and I had some group fun with a couple of fwb’s.


i agree with rb, it looks like a tight sharkskin or rubber suit. very nice fitting.



It was a great time. It started out as meeting with a couple of friends who had recently been through some breakups. (They’re doing emotionally well; we didn’t take advantage of them.) It started with wine, then a couple of cocktails, then dinner with another cocktail, then another cocktail, and then back at one of their homes with another cocktail or two. You get the general idea. Being guys, the locker room talk had started a bit earlier talking about some of our preferences, cock size, etc. There was a little sexual tension in the room. We were watching a movie, and I had gotten chilly and was sharing a blanket with my buddy when he starts to massage my dick through my jeans. After a few minutes, I unbuttoned my fly to give him better access and also began to return the favor. My bf was on the other side of me. I started jerking my friend a little under the blanket. Eventually, he pulled down the blanket and had totally dropped his pants. Mine were gapping open and pulled down. By this time, I was totally hard and hanging completely out. One friend had stepped outside, so, my bf, our other friend, and I started making out and doing a little foreplay sucking. He kept telling me that my cock was so big and he wanted me to fuck him and for me and my bf to DP him. It went without saying that we all knew this was going down. When our other friend came back inside, the four of us adjourned to the bedroom. At that point, I kinda lost track of which cocks went where. I remember at one point my bf fucking one of our friends while I was pounding the friend who had started massaging my cock. We went through some different combinations and positions but, very sadly, no cock in my ass :-(. Although, I fancy myself more of a bottom, my friend has one of the tightest asses I’ve ever felt. We tried DPing him. The tightness and the excessive booze made it not the most successful attempt. It was still fucking hot. By the end, we had all shot all over each other. I think everyone had an actual screaming orgasm. After the fucking was over, I fingered and jerked off one guy to completion again. I blew two huge loads. Finally, when all was done, we cleaned up, and my bf and I came home and slept for a just a few hours as I had to work the next morning. Not the easiest day at work, but it was worth it. 😉 We will definitely be having some more fun with them.

Btw, is there anyway to get a pair of your DE swimwear other than joining swimmerboyz?


A great pic, I want to see the front and see if it is as tight fitting. I bet you can see a great cock.


It’s the Christopher St. Pier on Manhattan’s west side.



definately Aqux. Look here:

Please, consider re-activating my forum account.



I see you liked my photo so much of Hudson in the blue Aqux you used it as your banner

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