Speedo Sunday

Lazy Speedo Sunday here guys, Kip and I both danced our pants off last night but we didn’t succeed in bring any company home.  It is OK though because I got a txt early this morning saying the Denver boys had decided to come up to the mountains (they had been roughly planning it).

So it is probably a good thing as now we’re both horny as cane toads (how about that for some Queensland vernacular).

Dr. Phil, an avid blog reader and commenter for years, suggested in a comment last week that we put four types of swimwear/underwear into a hat and whoever pulls out what takes that position.  G-string, speedos, jockstrap.  What a great idea and although the four of us have our preferences, we can all play a versatile role.  My thoughts are, jockstrap gets fucked of course, G-string fucks the jockstrap and the 2 speedos suck each other off 69 style.

Any possible improvements?

We’ll see how it goes.

Enjoy your long weekend guys.

Speedo YummySpeedo BumSpeedo Swimsuit

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3 Comments on "Speedo Sunday"

Let me know what you are thinking.....

Dr. Phil

That sounds like an excellent plan! I hope to hear a detailed account of who “won” which “round,” and that you end up playing several rounds, at least! 😉



How did the pick a pair game go? Anything surprising?


That second to the last picture of the great bum, can only tease us into the greatness of the sexuality you had this last weekend. Looking forward to any detail you can provide…

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