Speedo Sunday Funday

I’m up early again and it is a grey old Sunday morning.  The forecast even mentions a dusting of snow on the peaks later this afternoon/tonight.

The kind of day you just want to lie in bed, read the paper, do naughty things to the person who woke up next to you. Last night Kip and I did update our Grindr profiles and we did have a visitor late in the night. A guy from Colorado Springs who was in town with a bunch of friends for the weekend. He was out on the town but checking his Grindr account and since Kip lives like 2 minute walk from Main Street it wasn’t too much trouble for him to drop around.

Why doesn’t this happen between guys and girls and only between guys and guys?

Nothing really planned for today except watch the F1 replay at 11am, then we’ll see what we can get up to.

Don’t worry – I wouldn’t leave you guys without any speedo eye candy.  How hot is this guy in the first pic!!!!  Keep an eye on the ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ on SwimmerBoyz.com – a higher quality version of this pic will be on there in a few days.

Speedo Hunk on CopacabanaSpeedo HunkSpeedo Bend OverSpeedos with a zipper down the front

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Dave, you should check out the FINA World Swimming Championships on TV later today. They’re on at 2:30pm Eastern on NBC. Not sure what time they’ll be on in CO…


Why do Grindr hookups only happen between guys? Because we’re guys, Dave. We’re thinking about it and wanting it, speedo-clad or not, all the time. It’s the same reason that Dan Savage says men should be barred from marriage if all marriages must be monogamous. Men are, as the adage goes, pigs. I know I wouldn’t have it any other way…would you? 😉


Who is the last guy? fitter version of Tom Daley!!

Dr. Phil

I like gentleman #2 better than bloke #1, but I don’t like #2’s speedo; I can’t tell a thing about #3 other than his arse ain’t half bad (but that’s nowhere near enough for my own tastes); and, I’m familiar with fellow #4 from various catalogues (e.g. Undergear) and websites, but had not noticed the Tom Daley resemblance, so thanks for pointing it out, Ben! 🙂 If I had to choose just one, I’d probably go with #4, thus, with #2 a close second (ha-ha).

As to Dan Savage: yes, he’s funny sometimes, but he’s also extremely biphobic and transphobic; like many privileged mainstreaming gay men in the U.S., he doesn’t believe bisexuality really exists–there’s only “teh gayz” and “teh str8s,” and if you are willing to have sex with a guy, then you’re gay and should just admit it and quit kidding yourself, etc. (Bullshit.) While he is still considered “edgy” in “polite” company, he’s about as mainstream and privileged as white gay males can get in the U.S. His “It Gets Better” campaign was more self-congratulatory than helpful (and didn’t prevent several suicides of gay youth who had no other options and thought that the program was for them to be involved with rather than something that was supposed to help serve their needs…which just shows how confused and ineffectual their message has been), and was likewise completely blinded by the privilege involved in Savage and his immediate associates (i.e. adult privilege, and the fact that “It Gets Better” only applies to some people who can, for example, get educated, get a good job, and then leave whatever podunk community they live in for a bigger city where there is a gay community, which is becoming less and less likely an option for more people as time goes on) before everyone else started getting involved in it and could thus also jump on his bandwagon and show how supportive of gay people they were while not actually doing a damn thing to make it better for the at-risk youths involved. It was more something that he could do and print up t-shirts for than anything, I think (and, I suspect, an excuse to have a 501-3-C tax-exempt charity out of which he could pay himself a salary for being the founder/director and principal paid speaker). I can’t say I’m a fan of his…even though he started out here in the Seattle area writing relationship advice for the local alternative paper, The Stranger.

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