Speedo’ing it up in Vegas

Kip and I have been tearing up Vegas, I’m lying by the pool at the New York, New York hotel so if you are reading this and near by, come on over and say g’day.

Let me start with Friday.  Kip and I had a big night and after a sleep in we went down to the pool.  There weren’t too many people about but it definitely wasn’t dead.  Neither of us were sure how speedo friendly it would be but we both ended up speedo’ing it up.  We wore board shorts but dropped them when we got in the water.  Nobody seemed to care.

What gave us a little more courage was this girl that we did talk to who was wearing a black thong bikini.  She pulled it off too with a gorgeous little bubble butt.

Speedo Surprise

Then Friday afternoon the rest of the crew, including Kip’s sister arrived in town.  We all got together for some drinks and I was told that one of the girls in the group just loved Aussie guys.  Turns out she does….

Kip’s sister helped him line up one of the girls in the group as well so after a sloppy drunk Friday night fucking each other, Kip and I have spent the last 2 nights getting our pussy fix.  I’m not sure anything more crazy will come of it but you never know what happens in Vegas.

Tonight we are heading to the Mandalay Bay for dinner at some fancy restaurant on the top floor and no doubt, there will be more shenanigans.

Here is a bunch of hot average guys wearing speedos – this new blog layout allows me to post a lot more photos than the only layout which is great.

Yummy Speedo BoyWhite Speedos on the BeachCute Guy in SpeedosAverage Guy Running in Red SpeedosSpeedo VolleyballSpeedo WalkChilling out in SpeedosSpeedo Butt

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


did you win any jackpots? (besides the sex) . lol at pix #1.


to early for rock skiing…more snow on the way today…will wait for MJ to open…need to get my quads in shape ! mean while will watch the broncos.


Is the third picture down (the guy in the white speedo) of an Italian soccer player? He seems vaguely familiar…

Dr. Phil

There’s nothing “average” about several of these fellows, Dave…If your standards are that high, then I’d be afraid of how you’d rate someone like me. 😉

The first of the “average” guys is my favorite in this group, I think. He looks affable as well, which is important…

Sam Speedo

Love the guy in the speedo with Boca on it . . . a very hot water polo player. no doubt!

I’d think he’d be a hot play elsewhere, too!

Eric Rex

glad you went for the speedo poolside…


I don’t know why you had such trepidation about going to the pool in your speedos. Other than going through the lobby or down the elevator to get there, I would have thought you would have loved to flaunt your tiniest kini! You’re the Speedo Guy!

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