Speedos and Cum

Sorry for not posting for the last couple of days – Tuesday night in Dunners was hot and was exactly what I needed.

There were 4 guys there and they were all pretty kewl.  They were all around 30yo and they all wore speedos for me which made my night.

The main feature for the evening – which only lasted 30 minutes or more – was 3 of us being sucked by this bottom guy who posted the ad.  One of the other guys – Peter – too my fancy but we didn’t get much 1 on 1 time although we have been emailing eachother this week.

I’ve gotta fly but I’ll post more later this afternoon.

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Cedar-guy said,  

Hi.I’m sure that u’ve remembered me from my last comment 🙂 frankly i have a puestion on my mind : do these things really happen to you or u just made stories from your imagination?Is your life full of sex that much?

Dave Evans said,  


I can’t believe you would ask me that mate.

That was the first time I’ve had sex in 3 weeks. And it was an online dating hookup. Meeting guys online is pretty easy and I think the best way if you are looking for a quick fuck session.

Gaydar (international), NZDating (New Zealand) and Pinkboard (Aussie) are the main online dating sites that I use and over the last couple of years I’ve met some great guys.


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