Speedos at a Waterpark

Since my post about the inequality of seeing girls in bikinis vs guys in speedos and the public view of girls kissing each other vs guys kissing each other I’ve had some great emails from people from both sides of the discussion.  Please feel free to leave comments as well, I read all the comments.

I had these pics in the archives and I thought it brings up this topic in a different way – do you or would you wear speedos at a waterpark?

I understand the argument that nobody wants to see overweight people in speedos but I could make that argument about overweight women in bikinis or even one pieces.

Not everyone who wears a speedo is overweight either – I’d love to see this first guy in a speedo anywhere!!!

Waterpark SpeedoWaterpark Speedos

5 Users Responded in " Speedos at a Waterpark "

rbmcobra said,  

I think it would be great if the waterparks had a “Speedos only” day. I WOULD BE THE FIRST ONE IN LINE!

speedoboi said,  

I’d be there too.

Dave Evans said,  


That sounds like a great idea.

There is a big water park in Queensland near where I great up called Wet and Wild – I wonder if they would ever do that.

I’m sure someone like Budgy Smuggler or AussieBum could sponsor it and donate the money to a good cause.


Jimi Paradise said,  

Interesting! 😛

Brad said,  

I wish I had seen this post earlier, but I work at a waterpark in the midwest USA and have noticed last summer a few more guys wearing the speedo style swimwear. These were not out of shape older men either they were like in their late teens to mid 20’s. I hope that trent catches on because I love the speedo styles.

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