Speedos, Boats and Beautiful Bodies

Speedos, Boats and Beautiful Bodies

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  • February 5, 2013

It nearly feels like boating weather here in Colorado today – the forecast is for the temp to reach 40F (4C) today which is really warm for February.  I thought the guys in yesterday post were pretty cute so I found some more pics of guys on boats, in their speedos of course.

I think that Sean Ashby (owner of AussieBum) has a fancy boat on Sydney Harbour – ow lordy what kind of trouble I would get into if I had that boat.

Nothing much happening here again today.  Kip and I went for a 2hr snowboard this morning and are back working hard.  I weighed myself this morning and I lost about 5kgs last month – whoohooo!!!!  I didn’t do anything terribly different but you can’t avoid an active life up here in the mountains.  With my considerable speedo collection I have speedos that are a little too large and a little too small so this afternoon I might go and try on some of the speedos that I thought were a little tight for daily wear… maybe 5kgs lighter will make the difference.

Have a good day guys!!!

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