Speedos in Brazil

This wintery weather is starting to be a pain…. I wanna be outside on the beach in my speedos!!!

I do have some travel on the horizon, looks like I’ll be heading down to the Snowy Mountains (yes we have mountains and snow and ski/snowboard resorts here in Australia – Perisher has 51 lifts!!!!).  Alex’s family have a share in an old ski club down there and he is organizing a trip in August.  His girlfriend and Surfer Chick will be there (if she is still hanging out with me) so that could be fun.  I don’t think we’ll quite have the privacy that I get in Kip’s hottub but I’m looking forward to dusting off the snowboard.

On the topic of travel though, I have been thinking what I can do to avoid this Aussie winter, it is just mean having a beautiful beach but it being too cold to enjoy it.  The US doesn’t seem very speedo friendly if I wanted to spend a northern summer there.  A friend of mine has mentioned Spain because it is cheap and I think it would be pretty speedo friendly.  Keen to hear any ideas.

Brazil shares the same summer as Aussie which kind of rules it out but I was wondering if speedos are popular down there?  The famous beach in the pics below is Copacabana right?  I’m assuming it is pretty touristy (like Bondi which I think kinda sucks – there are way better beaches up here), so are there lots of speedos or more tourists in dork shorts?

Brazilian BeachesSpeedos in BrazilWearing Speedos in Brazil

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Brasil is the speedo capital of the world. They are called Sunga’s down there. Copacabana and Ipanima beaches are huge. You will see wall to wall speedos. Young, old, everyone wears speedos. The women wear the briefest of bikini’s and there is a markedly gay section of Capacabana Beach right in front of the Palace Hotel.


Dave – Google Copacabana Beach Pictures. That’s exactl what it’s like. When the sun comes out, the entire city, it seems heads for the beach. Just about every guy wears a speedo under their clothes so they are ready to head out.

Dave Evans


Sounds like my kind of place, I need to get over there!!!


Dr. Phil

Considering they invented both the thong (as we now know it) and “Brazilian waxing” (i.e. no pubes), you know they love them down there! 😉 I hope to get there one day…must find an excuse to do it. Also: money.


This is actually Ipanema Beach which is much more local, young, and exciting than Copacabana Beach.

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