Speedos or Nude?

I actually prefer speedos over nude, is that weird?  I prefer a chick to be in a bikini than nude as well.

It is funny though, my friend Brenton Parry (who took the photos in yesterdays Waterpolo Team shoot) is a huge nudist.  He knows all the nude beaches around Sydney and stuff, maybe I should go down and give the whole ‘nude thing’ a try.

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Hollywood SpeedoHollywood Nude Bum

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


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I agree. I prefer seeing a hot guy in a speedo than nude. It leaves more to the imagination!

john dee

I like the speedo photo he looks awesome , but I wouldn’t say no to him naked either he’s one red hot young stud


Wow! That’s one hot stud! Love him in and out of his speedo! Looks a bit like he’s shaved down, which enhances his beautiful appearance! Great pecs, abs, V shape and thighs and calves! I could cream my speedo looking at his butt, too. Would love to see a naked front pic just to decide on whether he should be in or out of a speedo!


richard wrote: “I agree. I prefer seeing a hot guy in a speedo than nude. It leaves more to the imagination!”.

You are right, Richard.

A cock into a non-tumescent state is better covered by a nice speedo.

Here is one hotty I found recently: https://speedocelebration.tumblr.com/post/167697890210 Enjoy!

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