Speedos or Underwear

Lazy Monday here guys – yesterday was an awesome day of sport, I watched the F1, All Blacks v Wallabies replay, Nascar and Adam Scott win another golf tournament.

I’m just finishing up 3 loads of washing, since we didn’t have any guests over the weekend the house is in better condition than it usual is, now I’m going to grill (not BBQ) some steak and sweet mashed potatoes and Kip and I are going to watch Star Trek – how about that for nerdy?  Nothing really to post today so I ask the question:

What do you guys think, speedos or underwear?

Are the speedos?Nice Black SpeedoCasual SpeedoBrief Underwear?

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


I’ve never worn speedos as underwear, so I’m decidedly in the underwear camp. But the shape is the same, if it’s briefs or speedos. It becomes about texture, the fabric, and how it makes you and your partner feel, right? As long as it turns you on. 🙂

Dr. Phil

As a connoisseur of both, I think #1 and #4 are underwear, and #2 and #3 are speedos/swimsuits. All of them are nice, in my opinion; and if we’re commenting on the gentlemen wearing them, then #2 is my favorite, followed at a distant second by #4, then #1, and #3 trails. 😉

I have never worn underwear as swimwear; but, I have occasionally worn speedos as underwear, but not very often, and usually only when I think they might be seen in some capacity at a later time while I happen to be wearing them. That doesn’t happen often, alas. 🙁


I think I agree with breakdown of this writer – 1 and 4 primarily underwear, the other two speedos. But I think it would be cool to see #1 worn as short shorts around the street – may be with a cropped tank top. They would be great eye candy.


I clearly missed the nuance of the question. Totally agree with Dr. Phil on this, re: which are underwear and which are speedos.

I gotta say, I prefer #1 over the rest.

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