Speedos vs Dork Shorts

I hope you guys can imagine just how many speedo photos I have gathered over the years.  Photo shoots but also lots of speedo photos around the web.

In SwimmerBoyz.com there is a 6,500 photo gallery which is sorted which is amazing.  Then there are the 1080+ ‘Speedo Photos of the Day‘ as well as everything I’ve posted here.  Last night I was going through some of the old photo archives and decided to create a gallery with pics of guys wearing speedos with guys who are not wearing speedos.

Of course, I think the guys wearing speedos look a lot better and the guys wearing dork shorts…. look like dorks.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

Dr. Phil

I definitely agree, everyone would be better off in speedos…

However, in fairness, some of these aren’t dork shorts, they’re square cuts or jammers, etc., which is better than dork shorts (and one of them is a guy in a towel, and he very well could have speedos on under that–we hope!)…

And, another “but” involves my perception that a few of these guys not-in-speedos are more attractive, at least to me, than the guys in speedos next to/near them. Which I suppose is a double let-down in a way.

Just as you have speedo-only parties and such, I kind of wish that one day I could go to a speedo-only building or town…and even though that might involve lots of old, hairy, and saggy sights for the eyes (which will just remind me of being at the pool in Ireland, where it was usually only me and the old hairy saggy guys wearing speedos!), nonetheless, the nice sights it would also afford would be, well, nice! 😉

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