Back in speedos

My guests are still in town here and as such I just haven’t had any routine. Today however I sent them off snowboarding with a friend of mine and I’ve been catching up on a bunch of work and I even went for a swim.

I haven’t been for a swim in well over a week and it was great to be back in speedos. I’ve been to the pool and had a hottub with my guests but not a proper lap swim where I get to wear speedos. The feeling of freedom of diving in the pool wearing nothing but a pair of lycra speedos is so wonderful.

Even after not swimming for a week I felt like I have lost a bit of fitness (not that I feel as though I have much fitness these days). Well, this weekend is going to be a big one with the rugby on Saturday night and I’m going to take the crew out on the town for a big one. They are outta here on Sunday and I think I’m even going to write down a routine for myself.

Then I’m going to feel as good as these guys look…….

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