Str8 Date Lined Up

It is true – tomorrow I have a str8 date lined up.

Friend of a friend who is in town for a couple of weeks and I’ve been told to take this chick out for dinner. I’m kewl with that.

Will has been working hard on getting the pants of the building managers daughter (who is 24 or 25 I think) which is all good fun – we are hoping that she’ll catch us fooling about in the hottub late one night and join in although it is more likely that her Dad will caught us… I don’t think he’ll join in.

I can’t remember the last time I took a girl out on a date – can’t remember taking a guy out on a date either.

I’m sure there are some str8 guys who read this blog – feel free to pass on any suggestions.

My plan on any night out is a return to the hottub for some speedo fun – I’ll take the same approach on this ‘date’ I think. Now…. what speedos should I wear?

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