Straight guys get laid wearing speedos.

It has been a nice quiet day today. Lazing around the house – started drinking just after midday and had an early dinner at a local restaurant nearby. MAN THIS PLACE IS CHEAP. I know I am thinking of things is Canadian dollars (not Aussie or New Zealand dollars which aren’t quite as nice) but I just had a nice meal with 3 or 4 drinks for CAD$20. I could never get that in the ski town in Canada.

After dinner we came back to the house – I had some work to do so didn’t join the couples in the pool.

Half an hour later the couples were out of the pool and I get this knock at my door – I’m wearing nothing but my black speedos (man these are comfortable) so I tell who ever it is to hold a minute and put some shorts on.

It is Ian at the door.

“Dave, sorry mate this is kind of weird I know but, do you have a pair of speedos that I could borrow?�

Definitely a weird question for Ian to ask but I knew straight away that both Sascha and Tiffany loved guys wearing speedos (not that I had been wearing them around since that first night). And straight away Ian started explaining that it was Sascha’s idea…

“It is Sascha mate – she keeps telling me how much she’d love me to wear them. Um and a late night swim would be perfect.�

“Sure mate, no probs.� I relied letting him into my room. “I have a couple of spare pairs – you can choose.�

It was true – I do normally carry at least 3 or 4 pairs with me. I’ve been wearing the black speedos while swimming and during the days but I have been wearing some of my AussieBum while sleeping and just hanging in my room and I was currently wearing a pair of blue CheekyNatures that their guy Matt has donated to me.

I went to my draw and grabbed out 2 pairs of AussieBum’s (one was the white Coolabah’s – super see through and the second one was plain black) and my still drying black speedos.

Ian picked out the black AussieBum’s. I told him to not worry about returning them and he left.

Then the waiting began…. My room has a patio overlooking the pool. Unless I am on the patio I can’t see the pool and nobody in the pool can see into my room but my guess from that conversation with Ian was that he and Sascha were going to be getting it on in the pool very soon. I opened my patio door and the screen door wide enuf so I could get outside without the noise of the doors opening and then I went back to work… checking every 10 minutes or so.

It was the 3rd time I checked and there was Sascha and Ian in the pool. I couldn’t really enjoy the view of Ian in his new pair of AussieBum speedos because of the dark (there is no light in the pool either).

I was super quiet and on my belly looking into the pool over the edge of the patio. The first words I heard were of Sascha asking Ian how ‘they’ felt. His reply was that it felt like he had practically nothing on and the freedom was amazing. Sascha then commented that she loved them and wished he worn them all the time.

They then kissed a bit and I’m guessing they were fucking underwater – Ian must have been about to take the speedos off as I did hear Sascha tell him to ‘keep them on’. I sooooo wish that I could have seen what was going on underwater – weather Ian pulled his cock out the leg of the speedos or out the top. Another 20 minutes passed (them doing it didn’t last 20 minutes), and then the two of them got out of the pool. I hadn’t notice b4 but Sascha wasn’t wearing a top, but most importantly I did get to see Ian in his full glory wearing just a pair of black AussieBums.

Well I have just come back from the patio and from masturbating twice in my Cheeky Natures and after all that writing I think I’m going back for another go.

The moral of this story is – Str8 guys get laid in speedos (maybe that should be the slogan for Speedo).

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Dude! You’re incredible! Your story seemed to take me right there..
I felt as if I was right there with you on the patio.. stiffy gringing into the mexican concrete. wow, how nice was Ians bulge?? The next thing to being there is reading your daily mexican adventure diary! Keep it up!

You’re incredible and oh so edible!


Hi Dave,

Great story, you did it again.Speedos rule the waves.
Take care


hey ya
“man these are comfortable” – had a great laughter while reading this sentence…


your making my dick sore man- i’m going to jerk for the third time now

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