Submit Your Red Speedo Selfie

Hey guys., I had an idea to post a bunch of red speedo selfies in a blog post next week.

If anyone would like to submit their own red speedo selfie that would be great.

I think I’ll give a weeks membership to my site to anyone submits a photo that I can publish.

Conditions will be.

  • Verifiable. So write on you or have a very recent paper in the shot.
  • Good quality. It has to be decent quality. If it is the size of a postage stamp I can’t use it.
  • Has to be a red speedo.
  • The more x-rated the better.

You can email me your pics –

Red Speedo Selfie

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6 Comments on "Submit Your Red Speedo Selfie"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


wow awesome idea, would be cool to get involved… The guy in the pic looks really nice. who’s that? is it you?


Yeah yeah, just a bit curious, cause you know, I’ve always wondered what you guys look like (and I guess it isn’t just me). Aanyway, keen to see that post, cheers mate


Of course, if there are enough pic’s, we still won’t know which ones are yours…guess we’ll just have to keep dreaming.


He’s got a lovely lean torso that guy. Very hot. Red speedo’s are the hottest too, so win win.


Hey Dave,
I’m rather enticed with the idea that we might get the chance to see you and/or Kip in a red speedo.

Will there be a prize if we are able to pick either of you out from the others, I’m intrigued what prize you would offer…… 😉

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