Summer Time

I was talking to some mates in Aussie today and they said that summer has started, it is definitely the opposite here, I just took out the rubbish (I mean trash) and it is freezing out there.  Kip is due home in the next half hour so I’m holding off on hottub until he gets back and I’m sure our hair will freeze.

One of the guys I was talking to was telling me that he is going to the Ivy Pool Party this weekend, I’m so jealous.  Ivy is a night club in Sydney and has a pool on the roof.  I’ve been inside it once but didn’t make it up to the roof.  The photos from this pool party look amazing with lots and lots and lots of hot Aussie guys in speedos.

Maybe we’ll just have to have another speedo only party here in Breckenridge to make up for not being able to go to it.  If any of you guys go to the Ivy Pool Party this weekend I’d love to hear what you get up to.

Beach Lifeguard Red Speedo
Shannon Boh in Speedos

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Dr. Phil said,  

Is that our old friend Shannon in the second one? Haven’t seen him in a while*, but he’s still as hot as ever!

[*: And by that, I mean “photos of him”; I’ve never seen him in person, alas…!]

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

He is as hot as ever indeed – I love that low key navy speedo he is wearing.

I’ve tried to catch up with him but he has always snobbed me, he wouldn’t even trade blog links.


beerdoc_colorado said,  

guy #1 needs me to rub some suntan lotion on his fair skin. dont want him to get burned and match his towel.

Anonymous said,  

I love to see pictures of Shannon Boh. I think he is really a hot guy and I respect his privacy too.

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