Sunday Funday

Yesterday I did very little but today I’m up early and ready to make the most of Sunday Funday.

Not growing up in the states I have no idea of the public holidays, why didn’t someone tell me that Monday is a public holiday?  I only realized yesterday afternoon when there were more people around town, makes sense that they are  up here for the long weekend.

I’ve still got the house to myself, Kip gets back tomorrow or Tuesday morning and it is a good lookin’ day out there.

Should be interesting to see what I get up to but first up is Mimosa’s F1, go Mark Webber!!!

Sunday Funday

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Happy Memorial Day. Monaco is a tough course. Well the Mimosa’s didn’t go to waste. What a beautiful day (in the Rockies). Hope you got outside to enjoy.
my hot tube was just fine after a long bike ride..

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