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Alex’s Breakup

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Did you guys enjoy my reminiscing about Alex’s first gay experience?  Since then he has embrassed the man sex for sure and although he still doesn’t enjoy bottoming as much as I do, he can take a fat cock.

When I was thinking about writing about Alex’s Breakup I went back and read some of the experiences that I had with Alex over the last 18 months and I remembered I wrote a post about Alex’s sexual bucket list.  We were just joking around but here is what was on Alex’s sexual bucket list:

  • Feel a guy cum in his mouth.
  • Work toward being fucked.
  • Threesome with 2 guys.
  • Being tied up and fucked in the arse by two guys once after the other.

That last one was pretty specific and that is the only thing that I don’t think Alex has done on that list.  He has done some other things tough including a foursome, lots of sex outdoors up at Birdie Beach

I’ll be sure to bring up the Alex’s getting fucked by several guys thing next time I see him, although he will probably read this before then so he’ll know what I’m thinking.

Back to Alex’s break up.  So Alex was on Grindr but he had never had a hookup on his own on there.  He and I have picked up guys together on Grindr, I’ve picked up guys on Grindr that he has also fucked but he has never done it on his own.  He is even more careful about his anonymity than I am so a first meeting would be even scarier for him.  But he did have a Grindr account and would occasionally surf around on it and I could also tell him about guys that I’ve seen on there.

Sorry guys, the rest of this is for ‘members only’.  There are a few too many personal details that I don’t really want super public.  Feel free to join for a whole $5 and find out what happened.

Here are some photos from the rest of the post for you to think about.

Alex's Grindr Profile PictureGrindr Screen Shot of Shirtless GuysGirlfriend Watching Gay Boyfriend Suck Cock

September 8th, 2015

Alex’s can’t walk right

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It has been a couple of days since I fucked Alex and I’m sure he still isn’t walking right after the pounding I gave his arse.

He did text me this morning, here is what he wrote:

Still pretty sore after Sunday arvo…. “happy sore“. I am looking forward to returning the favour 😉

I mentioned to you guys that I woke up next to Surfer Chick so I serviced her that morning (twice) so when Alex came around that afternoon it was going to take me more than 2 strokes to climax.  I did warn Alex and he said he was up for it……

He came around, we made out a little bit and then he bent over the couch and offered up his pucker hole.

Nice Speedo Bum

And then the fucking began.  First we fucked on the couch, then we moved to my bedroom.

I know that a fit bit counts steps, I wonder if you could get something like that which counted ‘thrusts’?

Alex has been having a hard time with his breakup.  He and I thought that maybe there was a chance of it working out but as each day passes it seems less and less likely.

Gay Anal Sex Position

August 17th, 2015

Hiding my sex toys

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Today I’ve got a date with Surfer Chick.  She has the entire day off and she is all mine.

It is kind of grey and cold out right now but might get sunny later.  So I’m going to pick her up, go out west a little bit to some winery that Alex’s girlfriend told me does a good lunch.

Then I think we’ll head back here and go for a surf if the weather is good or at least go for a walk along the beach and then I’ll make dinner.  What do you guys think?  Chance of getting her in the sack?

Before I go I’ve got some work to get done and I have to tidy the house up just a little bit.  Not really sure what to do with my sex drawer.  I could just keep it and if she finds it good on her or maybe she isn’t quite ready for it.

There isn’t anything too crazy in there, butt plugs, lots of lube and lots of condoms (you can buy condoms in packs of 100).  There are handcuffs and a wicked weasel bikini that I bought for a girl once but she decided she didn’t like me before I could give it to her.  Then there is my speedo drawer with probably about 40 pairs of speedos.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I’ll keep you posted though.

My Sex Toys

My collection isn’t this ‘big’.

Gay Sex Toys - Dildos

June 26th, 2015

Great Aussie BBQ

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Yesterday I hosted a BBQ and it went off great.  I’m trying to date this preschool teacher that I met a couple of weeks ago.  I’m writing about it more on the bisexual blog ( and I invited her and the rest of the gang around for a Sunday barbie.

No, we did not have shrimp on the barbie.

It turned into a bit of a session and it was stinking hot so there was lots of flesh and I’m pretty sure everyone got in the water at some point.  I’m pretty sure most of the guys were wearing speedos under their boardies but there was no speedo’ing it up unfortunately.  Alex and his girlfriend were there and Alex was walking around shirtless most of the day and I could tell that he was wearing a pair of black classic AussieBum’s – which I’ve peeled off him on numerous occasions.

All the girls were in bikinis and the preschool teacher looked pretty hot in her black bikini.

Anyways, I’m going to go for a quick swim to wake up.  The beach yesterday was packed and right now I can count on my fingers the people I can see on the beach.

Real Men Wearing AussieBum SpeedosReal Men Wear SpeedosThree Guys Wearing Speedos

November 23rd, 2014

Alex, his girlfriend and me on a couch

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Nothing too exciting to post today guys.  I’m working with Kip on a new movies system which I’m excited about.  The movies archive on is always growing but it has movies that I added years ago still in there.  I don’t want to delete old movies but some of them aren’t as easy to watch on mobile devices.  All the new movies are 100% compatible over all devices but this thing we are working on will reformat all the old movies.

I’m excited about it but I suppose everyone else on the planet thinks it is boring – hahaha.

Last night Alex and his girlfriend dropped by.  It was just after 5pm and I was sitting at my kitchen bench wearing a blue speedo and nothing else when there was a knock at the door.

Alex’s girlfriends video presentation went great and she can’t believe how professional it looked and she had brought over a bottle of scotch for me.

I made them come in and the three of us sat around and had a couple of scotch’s.  Very weird indeed knowing that Alex has sat on that couch while I suck him off, and he has sucked me off while sitting on the couch as well.  Both of us had our poker faces on though and didn’t give anything away.

The more I hang out with Alex’s girlfriend the more I like her.

Classic Blue Speedo

July 8th, 2014
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