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Grand Final Saturday

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Since my Aussie fans are a minority of blog readers, I’m guessing most of you guys won’t know that it is Grand Final Day here in Australia.

I’ve got a feeling that a lot of you guys have never even watched the game that is being played, Australian Rules Football (AFL).

Of all our ‘football’ sports, including soccer, I think AFL players are the hottest.  They run a lot more so the team isn’t stacked with beefcakes like the two rugby’s and they are still real men (unlike soccer which in Australia is for pussies whose Mum wouldn’t let them play real football).  Hahahaha.

The best thing about AFL is the short shorts.  I never played AFL but I love wearing shorty shorts – haha.

OK, 2 hours until kick off and I’m watching the game at Alex’s place with the crew and Alex’s ‘boyfriend’ – neither of them are ‘out’ so nobody else knows.

Isn’t it great that Aussie guys will wear speedos!!!!  Do you think you’d ever see an NFL team hanging out like this in speedos?

AFL Guys in SpeedosSpeedos in the AFL

Here is retired AFL played Luke Ball looking just fantastic in his speedos.  Yummy!!!

Luke Ball in Speedos

September 30th, 2016

Tom Daley in his Tight Speedos

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Did you guys watch much of the Olympics?  I really didn’t, there are so many boring sports and even though I love speedos…. most of the swimming these days involve jammers and swimming isn’t the greatest sport to watch.

I heard that the gorgeous Tom Daley won a few things which is great, obviously I am a long time fan of his.

Finally I got together a bunch of photos of him doing some tandem diving…. do you think these guys fucked after their win?  What I’d do to be in the middle of that!!!

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September 18th, 2016

Sandor Earl

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Sandor Earl is someone I had never heard of before.  But this 21yo professional footballer is going to be in my dreams tonight!!!

Somehow I came across some pics of him this morning and I’ve been looking him up.  He is a part time underwear model – nothing mentioned about his sexuality but I’m sure his team mates give him a hard time.

Actually I just read that his team mates call him ‘Princess’ because of his underwear work.

I tell you what – I’m sure he’ll be getting some comments in the scrum about these shots.  Anyone got a speedo like this?  I think it is CockSox.

March 2nd, 2011

Triathlon Speedo Suites

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Does anyone know where I can get one of these!!!

I’ve always loved triathlon/wrestling suites but hated having to take them off to get at my cock.  Something like this would be perfect because I could pull my cock out the side of it.

Yes, it looks a little girlie but I think it would be hot.

Just a quiet Friday catching up on some work here. A close friend of Kip’s died yesterday so things are a little morbid around here. I’mt old we are having some drinks to celebrate his life tonight. I don’t think it is my place to share anymore details here.

February 19th, 2011
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