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Modesty and Speedos

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Brenton is an old online mate of mine who started his blog around the same time I started  We’ve worked on different things over the years and these days Kip even keeps his blog online.  Unlike me and my passion for speedos, Brenton takes it a little bit further and loves being nude.

It is fun following his adventures on his blog and yesterday he posted the comments below regarding speedos and modesty.

Given how paranoid most guys are in gym locker rooms about anyone seeing their junk you’d be forgiven for thinking that they go to the beach in neck-to-knee swimwear from an era long gone. You’d be wrong. Apparently all it takes for guys to feel comfortable is a tiny little piece of fabric covering their genitals. Australian’s all around the country are fans of speedo style swimwear. Sure there are guys that wear boardshorts but, especially in Sydney all the guys that live in the gym and get changed under a towel are the same guys wearing the skimpiest, tightest swimwear around. More often than not that same swimwear is designed to emphasise the exact area that they never show.

All of the popular brands seem to have a “pouch” style of swimwear designed to highlight and thrust forward your junk. I get that it makes it appear a bit more impressive than it really may be but it’s not going to turn a 4 incher into a 12 incher is it? Speedo style swimwear and even boardshorts when they are wet really don’t leave a lot to the imagination so it’s amazing that it only takes that little piece of fabric to not only preserve our modesty, barely, but also to give us the confidence to walk down the beach feeling great.

Interesting thoughts, during my time in America I found that it was the opposite in the locker rooms at the pool, guys were happy to strut around butt naked but nobody else would wear a speedo.  But in Aussie it is the opposite and I agree with Brenton’s sentiments.

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April 13th, 2017

More Aussie Speedo Companies

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Last week I posted some pics of Eros speedos (the black ones with green trim and drawstring).

I’ve also got some really hot pics of guys wearing 2wink speedos (they kinda look like underwear don’t you think?).

Then there is AussieBum of course.

Caussie make a nylon speedo and they are a regular contributor on which is great.

Obviously AussieBum is making a shit tonne of money but I wonder how these other companies are doing.

I think that buying speedos is much easier now that we can buy them online.  I remember being nervous and buying speedos at Rebel Sports growing up and I’m sure many other people feel the same way.

I know that some readers here have very impressive speedo collections but I wonder how many pairs that most of us have (I fit into the exception as well having a very large speedo collection)?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts – if I get enough feedback maybe I’ll create a survey.

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June 30th, 2013
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