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Day in White Speedos

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How have you guys been? It feels like I’ve been off the grid for the last week.

I had a death in the family and it was a bit of a shock.  Each day is getting better and I think I’ve cried it out.

Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer and I have a tonne of work to catch up on.  Tonight I’m going to see Surfer Chick which should make me feel better.

Today is looking like a gorgeous day outside too so I’m going to wear my white speedos all day and definitely get into the water.  If you see me walking from my house into the surf in white speedos, definitely come and say hello.

I’ve got 2 new movies for that I’ve got to do today so I’ll get on that and share some screen shots with you guys tomorrow.

In the mean time…. here is some white speedo eye candy.

White Speedo ButtTastey White SpeedoWhite Speedo Model

July 30th, 2015

Non-Speedo Weather

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This darn cold weather is starting to piss me off.  Normally winter here is full of cool days (around 20C air, 18C water) but the last week or more has been brutal.  Why the hell am I here if I can’t get out in my speedos on the beach or in the pool?

I was thinking the other day that it would be nice to have a pool but my place, although small, is right on the beach which is way better than a pool.  And I’m not sure what I’m going to do this summer, I think I might head over and see Kip in Colorado again during some of the school holidays here, it is chaos here during Dec/Jan.  Me just thinking out aloud.

Well I hope those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying some Speedo Friendly weather.  For those of us who aren’t, well drop over to and watch some of the new movies.  They should warm you up, at least the inside of your speedo.

Wet and HotSpeedo Body I WantBlue Speedos at the Beach

This is my kind of pool.  Pic is taken from a new movie on

Pool Jerk Off

July 22nd, 2015

Loosing my Str8 Virginity

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I know it doesn’t interest all of you guys but today I posted about when I lost my str8 virginity on my blog  If you are interested, drop over there and check it out –

Since I get to share with you guys some of my great sexual adventures, I suppose it is only fair to share with you the ones that weren’t so great.  My first time with a girl wasn’t that great, I did not have the necessary skill set to have drunken sex on the beach.

Thankfully, I have practiced and I am competent at that now just incase anyone was in the neighbourhood.

It was with a girl I knew from the Surf Life Saving Club and since Tyler is still a member of the local Surf Life Saving Club I suppose that is what made me think of it.

I was 18yo when I lost my str8 virginity, a year or so after I lost my gay virginity although it was only oral.  I didn’t have gay penetration sex until my early 20’s and it took a while for me to really like being fucked but now I love it!!!

Did anyone have a great loosing their virginity experience or are they all just awkward?


June 2nd, 2015

Finally I got to suck Alex

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It is a beautiful looking morning here on the Central NSW Coast, I was well behaved last night so was in bed early and I’m up early and the boys are due in the next half hour for a surf.

On Friday Alex and I did sneak off to the change rooms after our swim and we finally got to help each other get off.  We were both pretty backed up so it was a quick affair (which was good because there was a bit of a risk of getting caught).  I can’t remember Alex blowing that big a load of cum before, I didn’t really get to see it since I am, and always have been, a swallower.

I might write about it in detail and post it on but I’ve got some other stuff to get done before I think about that.

One thing I’m going to do this week is ask you guys to answer a little survey.  I’m looking at some different options regarding my own sexual experiences writing.  I love doing it, I know you guys love it, it takes me hours and even days to write some of them which is tough with all the other work I have on.

If there are any things that you guys would like to know, or any suggested questions please leave a comment and I’ll consider them for sure.

OK guys, I’m going to grab something to eat and then hit the surf, going to be wetsuit today but means I might see the other guys in speedos when they shower off afterwards.  I’ll be wearing an AussieBum speedo under my wetsuit, they seem to be less effected by any rubbing from the wetsuit than a lycra speedo.

Sucking Cock in Red SpeedoOral in a Speedo

May 9th, 2015

Bikes and Speedos

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Just a quick post before I walk down the beach and grab some lunch (fresh bread and prawns).  It is low tide which makes the walk quicker.  Funny how when I was in Breckenridge with Kip we followed the daily weather religiously, now that I’m on the beach again, I follow the tides religiously.

This time of year things are super quiet so I’m not expecting any eye candy on the walk down and I’m really not expecting any speedo eye candy.

I wish I saw some guys riding bikes in speedos – that would be hot!!!

OK guys, I gotta roll.  Might hit up the pool this afternoon although I don’t think Alex can make it.

Speedo RideSpeedo Triathlete

April 27th, 2015
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