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Loving the Beach

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I had a great time in Colorado with Kip but I tell you what guys, I am loving being back on the beach!!!

This morning the pics below are exactly what I did (unfortunately I don’t spend anytime at the gym so I don’t look like this guy).  Pretty much every day I get into the ocean, even in winter or on rainy days.

If you are ever walking along the Terrigal beach and see a strapping guy wearing speedos walking down to the water…. it might be me, odds are it is probably me since not a whole lot of guys my age wear speedos unless we are swimming or surf life saving.

Speedo ModelMasculine Speedo Model

March 22nd, 2016

Shirtless in red speedos

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How is every ones New Year shaping up?

Quiet weekend here just watching cricket. The boys are dropping in randomly so I am having to wear shorts over my red speedos which is a shame…. I haven’t put a shirt on so far this year though but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to get away with that.

Hope you guys had a good weekend.  I’ll talk more tomorrow about my New Years resolutions.

Ow, I just posted some pics of chicks in red one piece swimsuits over on my bisexual blog –  They are some really great photos so go check them out.  And of course, red speedo photos for you guys here.

January 2nd, 2016

Wearing Speedos When Surfing

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I love being in the ocean and love surfing although I am absolutely horrible at it.  I am a much better snowboarder and I have spent a lot of time trying to surf but I’m still pretty horrible.

Today I wanted to share with you guys some pics of some hot guys surfing in speedos.  Surfing in speedos is just not really done here which is a shame because some of my surfing mates would look amazing wearing speedos.  Luckily at the pool where I swim laps most of the guys do wear speedos.

There aren’t a whole lot of pics of guys surfing in speedos but here are a few that I found (I know some of them are surf club guys but kind of close).  The gallery is available for blog members – click here to join for just $5.

Surfing in Speedos

December 29th, 2015

Australian Summer

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The weather right now isn’t completely like ‘summer’ (ie sunny, no wind and 30C) it is more cloudy, windy and about 20C but there is cricket on all day and there esky is full of booze.

Being one of the few bachelors amongst my group of friends here and having a place right on the beach although it is much shittier than anyone elses house, my place is a bit of a gathering hub.  My door is never locked and some of the boys keep their surfboards permanently on my back deck.  This time of year most people are off work and my place has been a fun hive of activity.

Yesterday, people were dropping in and out all day to watch a couple of hours of cricket, maybe go for a dip in the surf but generally just hang out.  Alex ended up the last man standing yesterday arvo and the neighbor chicks were hanging out as well.  When the girls finally left I joked that they were off to make love to each other just like Alex and I were…. every one laughed….. if only they knew.  Alex and I did fuck each other and he crashed at my place.

Alex is still in bed as I write this but I might give him a shake and see if he wants to go for a surf before the wind gets up.  Maybe a breakfast/post surf blowjob will convince him to wake up.

Later today I have a bunch of new movies that I’ve uploaded to that I just have to sort through.  If I can get some of them done I will make them live for blog members as well.

Speedo ModelBondi Speedo Play

Hahaha – this is actually what Alex looks like right now.  Although he is wearing black speedos and is in my bed.

Speedo Hang Over

December 27th, 2015

Blue Speedos

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Good morning guys…. Monday morning here and I’m up early which is a good sign.  With the snowboarding trip coming up and the chaos that Terrigal has become with the week leading up to Xmas I am going into hibernation.  The house is stocked with food and alcohol and I’m going to hunker down and do a bunch of work and not deal with horrible drivers and people EVERYWHERE – Aggghhhhh.

I don’t want to sound like a grouch but it is chaos and I love it when I can have parts of the beach to myself.

Part of work is creating some promotional galleries and I’m working my way through the rainbow of speedo colours.  Of course I am starting with colours of speedos that I like and that I personally wear of course.  Today is blue (hence the change in the header photo).

I have a pair of blue AussieBums classic speedos that I most often wear to the pool when I’m swimming laps.  They were a little small for me but since I have lost some weight over the last 6 months they now fit perfectly.  Being nylon they don’t seem to deteriorate in the pool chlorine as much either which is good.  Eventually all speedos, including AussieBums, seem to fade but right now these blue speedos look pretty good.

This guy in the first picture below is wearing the exact same blue AussieBum speedos I’m talking about.

Enough of my blabbering, here are some photos for you guys – you members that is.

Blue Aussiebum

December 20th, 2015
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