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Black Thong Thursday

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It is Thong Thursday again guys!!!

I’m wearing my black thong today, I hope you are as well.

Check out this guys black thong, it looks awesome.  Not to mention the package on this guy.  Feast your eyes boys, feast your eyes.

Black ThongMale Thong

May 9th, 2018

Black Thong Thursday

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I haven’t worn my thong (yes I only have one) in a few weeks…. since it is Thong Thursday I think I’ll thong it up instead of speedo’ing it up today.

Black Thong

November 1st, 2017

Thong Thursday

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In the spirit of Thong Thursday, I am wearing my black thong today (in the first photo below).

What colour thong are you wearing?

Cumming on G-String

I’m not sure I wear my thong as well as this guy does though.

Black Thong

If you want to see some cute girls in their thongs – head over to my bisexual blog –

August 17th, 2017

Jerking off into Speedos

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I don’t know about you guys but I jerk off into my speedo a lot.

Growing up I used to hump pillows with satin pillow cases… then I jerked off stradding a toilet…. then in the shower and now I kinda just grab the nearest pair of speedos and unload into them.

I hope I’m not being gross, I wash them separately or I throw them on when I go for a quick swim (which I do twice a day if the weather is nice, 6 times a day in summer and zero if the weather is horrible).

Here are three photos of me cumming into speedos, the first one is the pair of speedos of Kip’s (they are Vuthy brand from the guys at and probably the classiest speedos I own).  The 2nd is a pair of AussieBum’s which I don’t really like them, the fit is just all weird and the sides are too small.  I honestly haven’t worn them out in public and the photo is in the middle of me editing up some new movies and it was a HUGE load of cum if I do say so myself.  The third and final photo is my only g-string right now, black with no drawstring so not really appropriate for swimming.  It looks OK on me until I get an erection (which I usually do when I put it on).  The load of cum I shot into it was 2 days in the making and as you can see the thong can’t take it all and it dribbled onto the table.  This happened when I was writing about the Married Guy and I sucking each other off, I was sooooo horny while writing about it but I held off until I finish….

Kip's Vuthy Speedos Covered in Cum

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June 29th, 2017

Wearing a thong gets Kip a pounding

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I just had to share this with you guys.  It is Monday and I love Monday’s.  After a bit of a nothing weekend full of rain on Sunday and nothing much else I got up early this morning to see some white stuff on the ground.  Another miserable day outside but after working for a few hours I decided to go for a walk and I got to wear my winter coat for the first time.

When I got home I walked in the door and Kip is standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but a black thong (pretty much exactly the same as the one the guy is wearing in the pics below).

I don’t know what it was but that was all it took.  I pretty much threw him down on the couch, keeping the thong on him, I pull it aside on the arse side and fucked his brains out.

I last a whole 10 strokes – whooohoooo!!!  Hahaha.

What is it about the sexuality of a thong/G-string/g-banger?  Speedos definitely turn me on but a thong is just a little more sexual.  Even when I see a girl bend over and show a little bit of thong I automatically think she is a little naughtier….  I’ll post some pics of girls in thongs for those of you who are interested over at

G-BangerG-StringBlack ThongG-StringMan in ThongThong Man

September 23rd, 2013
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