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Free Speedo

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Kip and I are still working away feverishly on this new project so not much to report to you guys.

I just realized that I haven’t jerked off in 2 days – that is approaching a new PB (personal best).  I did mention this to Alex and he said he’d drop by after work today and lend me a ‘hand’.  I’m thinking ‘facial’.  What do you guys think?  I will let you guys know how it goes.

One thing I did want to share with you guys is this months speedo give away.  It went to a new member from Hollywood which is kind of cool.

The speedo that he chose from is one from Daniel Alexander.  Have you guys ever heard of that brand or bought from them?  The speedo the winner chose looks pretty funky – I might have to order one myself.  I have been super impressed in dealing with, their delivery is amazingly prompt.

I think they have a big sale on for the next 12 hours or so – check it out –

You guys know I love my members, it is their support that lets me keep the lights (servers) on, I appreciate the support of my members and love being able to share some of these ‘extra’ benefits.

OK, I’m back to the grind.  Maybe today is the day we go live.  I hope so.

Daniel Alexander Speedo

July 28th, 2016

Welcome to America

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I’ve landed in America – I’m writing this post sitting at DIA waiting for my CME shuttle up to Kip’s place.

It is nice and warm, I’ve never been to America during summer so it should be fun.

American SpeedoUSA SpeedoStars and Stripes SwimwearSpeedo AmericaAmerican Waterpolo Speedo

July 1st, 2016

Lacoste Speedos

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Does anyone know where you can buy a pair of Lacoste speedos? I had a quick look around the web without any luck.

A few years ago I owned a pair of Calvin Klein speedos.  I remember them because my first ever Grindr pickup came over and he didn’t have any speedos so I let him pick through my speedo drawer and he picked out the Calvin Klein ones.  I wonder where they are now?

Lacoste Swimwear

May 2nd, 2015
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