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Speedos vs Dork Shorts

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I hope you guys can imagine just how many speedo photos I have gathered over the years.  Photo shoots but also lots of speedo photos around the web.

In there is a 6,500 photo gallery which is sorted which is amazing.  Then there are the 1080+ ‘Speedo Photos of the Day‘ as well as everything I’ve posted here.  Last night I was going through some of the old photo archives and decided to create a gallery with pics of guys wearing speedos with guys who are not wearing speedos.

Of course, I think the guys wearing speedos look a lot better and the guys wearing dork shorts…. look like dorks.

September 2nd, 2016

Dave Evans Beach Volleyball Tournament

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I have decided that when I get my line of DE Swimwear up and running, the first thing I’m going to sponsor is a male beach volley ball tournament which is speedos only.  Why is it that girls beach volleyballs comps are all chicks in tiny little bikinis but guys beach volleyball is dork shorts and often singlets as well.

I’ll do my best to change all that!!!

Actually I was talking to a mate of Kip’s the other day about some ideas I have for the DE Swimwear.  It is something I’ve tinkered with over the years but to really get it going will take a bunch of time which right now I just don’t quite have.

OK guys, I’m off to the pool.  At least the guys there are in speedos.

Speedo Volley BallSpeedo Beach VolleyballBeach Volleyball in a SpeedoVolleyball in a Speedo

January 4th, 2016

Speedos are better

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How was everyone’s weekend?

Pretty quiet one here, early morning yesterday with the dawn service and last night was a late one talking to some mates in London.  What did we ever do before the internet?  I really feel like I know is going on with some London friends of mine which is great.

Back to the eye candy……

This guy is smoking hot, he looks good in those white dork shorts but doesn’t he just look SMASHING BABY in his speedos?

There is a chance I’ll be back in the US in a few weeks, I’ve been asked to advise on a mainstream (not porn) project.  Sounds really interesting.  It is on the east coast and I’ve never been out there.  Won’t be until late May at the earliest but I’ll keep you guys posted.  Would love to catch up with some fans out that way.

White Board ShortsGreen SpeedosBeach Volleyball in SpeedosSurfing in Speedos

April 26th, 2015

Final ‘Speedo Only’ Party of 2012

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Kip and I have the house back to ourselves and the house is back to ‘speedo only’ status – hahaha.

Another day of super cold weather but the forecast is for the sun to come out so I’ll try and get my camera out and take some pics for you guys, with the recently snow town looks really pretty.

Being back in ‘speedo only’ mode Kip decided that we need to hold our last Speedo Party of the year tomorrow night.  Well it really started when we heard from the Denver Boys (a gay couple from Denver that we know) who are keen to come up to the mountains for the weekend.  Kip’s sister has some friends in town (guys and girls) who are keen to come along as well so hopefully we’ll have about a dozen of us.  Rules are… speedos only.

I’m sure, as usual, things will get a little naughty later in the evening as they have done in the past.  If anyone here is up in Breck drop me an email.

Notice one guy out in the pic below?  12 guys, 11 in speedos, one in dork shorts.  At our party it is ‘speedos only’.  We had one earlier in the year and Kip’s sisters boyfriend didn’t want to wear a speedo, it was funny that she even told him that he’d have to leave if he didn’t ‘speedo-it-up’.  He finally played along, nothing like a bit of positive peer pressure.

Odd guy out in board shorts

December 28th, 2012

Guys wearing speedos

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Maybe the trend is changing about speedos.

When I first got back in the pool here in New Zealand about 5 months ago I thought that there were way more swimmers wearing speedos than those wearing dork shorts. We are talking laps here. But yesterday I was at the pool and there were 4 other guys in the pool and they were all wearing dork shorts.

What I don’t get is that the same guys will nude it up in the changerooms. Interesting.

Must have just been a bad day. I wish I was hanging out with these guys though.

Green Speedos - Guys wearing speedos

October 24th, 2008
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