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Good Morning from San Francisco

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Good morning everyone, I’m sitting here in San Francisco, just cleared all that customs stuff and I’m waiting for my connection to Denver.

It is definitely a little bit cooler than when I left Sydney 18 hours ago.

I still have a big of a mission to get to Kip’s place in Breckenridge, couple of hour connection, then 2 hours or more shuttle from DIA up I70 into the Rocky Mountains.  I should arrive at Kip’s by about 6pm.  Hopefully I won’t be a Debbie Downer for his New Years plans, I am pretty tired.

Hopefully Kip’s arse is ready, I am wearing a pair of blue AussieBums under my jeans and he is going to get a pounding tonight – hehehe.

Monster Cock

December 31st, 2016

Speedo Erection

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This speedo photo shoots reminds me of a situation I have been in many times…..

Wearing a lycra black/navy speedo which is wet and I’ve gotten a spontaneous erection.  Nothing you can really do except free that cock from the speedo and drain it of cum.  If this guy needs some help with that I’m more than happy to lend him a hand.

Click here to see the full gallery.

Speedo Erection


January 8th, 2016

I’m Horny Today

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I am really horny today for some reason…..

Do you guys ever get days when you are just super horny all day?  I’ve jerked off 3 times already and as I type this blog post, the front of my red speedos are ‘tenting’.

Time for me to swing over to and watch some speedo porn – yes I actually use my own site for my porn needs, that is why I built it after all.

Speedo BonerWhite Speedo ErectionSpeedo Erection

January 7th, 2016

Shame about the tattoo

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Darn this guy looks cute in his speedos…..

I’m just not a fan of the tattoo.

I wouldn’t kick him out of bed though.

Speedo Stripper

October 29th, 2015

Wet Speedos

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After yesterdays post of guys wearing wet undies, here are some guys in wet speedos.  Much more my speed…o.

Darn I have given you guys some good eye candy recently.

Wet Speedo BoysBlack and White Speedo PhotoXL Speedo PackageSpeedo Dick

May 24th, 2015
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