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Just doing my job

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Late Thursday night I was emailing back and forth with a member of and I was able to get his login working all fine.  I asked him to let me know if it all worked and I loved his email response:

That worked – and I just had a very needed bit of relief.

You guys know I’m here to help out – hahaha.  I thought it was sweet.

I know that has given me ‘relief’ hundreds and hundreds of times.

Most of the time I just cum in my speedos, then go and jump in the ocean, but I do have a Fleshlight which I’ll use on special occasions – hehehe.  This first photo is something that I have tried and it works pretty good.

And if you want a Fleshlight – click here (this is where I bought mine).

Fleshlight Position

Here is a bunch of guys fucking their fleshlight.


November 30th, 2017

Strike Three!!!

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Struck out last night guys.  Was a nice evening and the ex-box was looking pretty good.  I actually ran into someone that I know which is the first time that has happened to me in the big smoke of San Francisco.

I thought I was in, but the end of the evening kinda fizzled so my flesh jack got a punishing when I got home.

Was an early night though and I’m up early today and I have a shit tonne of work to get done.  Tomorrow night I might go out with the boys but I’ll see what happens and I might go for a run this afternoon if this weather holds – it is pretty nice out.

October 12th, 2012
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