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Love These Speedos

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I only really have one pair of ‘funky’/’fun’ speedos, my Turbos which you guys have seen a bunch of pics of (if not click here for an old post with pics of them).

Having a pair of funky speedos has been good as I did wear them to the beach one day when I was hanging out with a bunch of my str8 friends (both guys and girls) and people were able to laugh them off.  I haven’t worn them to the pool yet but I promise I will next week.

Check out this guy in his ‘funky’ speedos.  I think they are great, I’m not a fan of his tattoos but he does look sensational in those speedos.


Interesting SpeedoGay SpeedoColourful SpeedoFun Speedos

July 18th, 2015

My New Speedos

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve ordered some new speedos and today they arrived.  I’m still waiting on a black lycra thong but I couldn’t wait for it to give you guys this update.

My new speedos are a pair of red Arena speedos, I have a black and navy pair that I use at the pool all the time.  For some weird reason I realised that I didn’t have a pair of red speedos in my collection so I had to correct it.  I think I can pull off wearing a red speedo at the pool for some lap swimming.

The 2nd new pair of speedos is the turbo speedos.  I love the photo of them which is the new header for this blog so I had to get some.  These are my 2nd pair of Turbo speedos which is more of a waterpolo brand.  The first pair I bought were the Aussie flag ones which I sent to one of my content producers (I’ll post those pics later in the week).  My first experience with Turbo was how small they are.  I bought a large and they were too small to wear except for short periods before getting them off in the bedroom.  This time I bought an X-Large and they are still a snug fit.  Compared to AussieBum, which I have a pair of blue classic (in the picture below) that are size 16 and they are about the same fit as the Turbo XL.

My New SpeedosMy New Speedo

This is the first pair of ‘funky’ speedos that I have so I can’t wait to wear them to the pool.  Being a waterpolo speedo the material feels very heavy duty.

My Turbos

And here are the photos that inspired me to buy them.  Fun looking speedo!!!

Fun SpeedosFun Turbo Speedos

July 1st, 2014

Fashion Swimwear

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I had a dream last night about being on a European beach.  Problem was that I only had a solid black speedo – it was a solid black Arena speedo actually.

All the guys on the beach were wearing speedos but they were more fashionable speedos.  I’ve never been to a European beach but if I did I think I would have to expand my speedo collection since most of my speedos are for lap swimming and aren’t really much of a fashion statement.

What would you guys suggest?

Any comments from European guys?

February 9th, 2012
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