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Hardcore AussieBum Movie

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I mentioned this new AussieBum speedo sex movie last weekend and it is all up and live so I thought I’d share it with you guys….

I’m not sure how much I like these AussieBums…. maybe they would be great at a speedo night at a night club but I’ve never been to such an event (if you are holding one, please email me and invite me).  The speedos that I personally love are a little more practical since I love to wear them to the pool or to the beach.

Here is a little sample from the beginning of this 21 minute movie.  Of course, if you are a member, you can watch all 21 minutes right now.

Does anyone own these actual AussieBums?

July 8th, 2017

New Speedo Movie

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Looks like you guys enjoyed hearing about young Tom… thanks to all the new members, I trust you are enjoying all that being a blog member entails…..

After all the fun over the weekend I have been knuckling down and doing some work, it is after 8pm as I write this.  I’ve just uploaded a new speedo movie which is just fantastic!!!  These two amazingly hot guys, poolside wearing these retro/funky speedos.

This movie starts off with these two guys making out which is just one of my biggest turns on’s (two guys, in speedos kissing).  Then while one guy keeps his speedos on…. he starts sucking the other guy off.

Once I finish this blog post, I will be turning this HD movie on and jerking off to it since I am super hard just getting these screen shots.  I’m pretty sure I won’t make it past the kissing at the beginning of the movie, it actually might take me a few days before I manage to watch it in its entirety.

If you are a blog member, swing on over and watch this movie right now.

Not a blog member?  It is only $5 remember – click here to join now.

OK, now it is time to jerk off and then make something for dinner.  Enjoy the new movie and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow

Gay Speedo GuysGuys Making out in Speedos

Gay Guys in Speedos

April 26th, 2016

Fun speedos

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I’m just about to head off to the pool for some laps with Alex.  I didn’t see him over the weekend but we went for a swim on Monday and he is definitely more chirpy after we had a chat about things on Friday.  Might also be that Alex’s protein levels were low and I helped him out with that – hehehe.

After those horrible speedos last week – (the baby vomit coloured AussieBums), I thought I’d post some fun speedos.

Looks like a few companies lately have been releasing these graffiti/fun speedos which I think is great and hopefully it will get more guys wearing them.  In my current speedo collection I don’t have any fun speedos – I have speedos that I can swim laps in or I have speedos that are only appropriate for the bedroom.  I think I should look into getting some.

I’m not sure who makes those speedos in the first photo, the 2nd photo is a pair of Turbo’s which I really like – they are about $40 and the bottom ones are from 2wink which is an Aussie company but they are $50!!!!  I don’t know about you guys but $50 is getting a little expensive for a pair of speedos.

Which ones would you choose?


Tough Guy in SpeedosFun SpeedosGraffiti Speedos2wink Graffiti Speedo

May 20th, 2014

I need some funky speedos

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The Brunette Texan won’t be up in town this weekend but we have been talking online and via txt.  I think this chick really likes me and I like her although she isn’t as sexually open minded as myself.  Right now this isn’t an issue and it isn’t something I’m going to bring up just yet.

She does like my speedos although it is a little tongue in cheek, she tells me it is the first time she’d had a ‘boyfriend’ (I’m not sure if that is my official title yet) who wore speedos.  The other night I was going to take them off and she told me to keep them on and in exchange I told her to keep her bikini on and we fucked like that for an hour or so.

I was thinking that maybe if I bought a pair of ‘funky’ speedos it would be fun and make her more comfortable with me wearing them in public.  Any ideas on where I could get some speedos like these?

Funky SpeedosColourful Funky SpeedosGuys wearing colourful speedos

February 23rd, 2013
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