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Speedo Party Postponed

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For the last couple of years Kip has hosted a ‘Speedo Only’ party when I’ve been here visiting him.  It has always been fun, and has always ended in some naughty fun.  Speedos = Naughty Fun right?

Kip was going to host it tonight but we woke up and it is dumping snow!!!  Since a few people were coming up from Denver for it he decided to postpone it until next weekend.  Bit of a shame because I was pretty horny in anticipation of a house full of people in speedos but I suppose I can wait.

We had a great morning snowboarding, although it got busy really quick and we are back in the condo (both wearing nothing but our speedos of course).

Since I don’t have to save myself for tonights party, I think that once I finish with this blog post I’m going to plow Kip’s arse.  Every time he gets up off the couch his arse seems to be speaking to me “Dave, fuck me.”  Hahaha.

OK, time to rubber and lube up.

Great Speedo BumTight BunsButt in SpeedosBlack Speedo BumTight Speedo Butt

In about half an hour (maybe sooner) Kip might have a sore butt….  hehehe.

Butt out of Action

February 10th, 2018

Can a butt get tighter?

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I completely forgot to tell you guys that Alex did ‘drop by after work’ the other day.

Since I left for Colorado (a month or more ago now) Alex did have his own Grindr hookup, I’m so proud of him, but it was oral only so it has been 4 weeks since Alex had a cock in his arse.  Is it possible for an arse to get tighter?

Maybe it was just in my head but when Alex got on all fours in my bed…. his butt was super tight!!!  I had to relube it just to get in and he was moaning.

This week Alex has Wednesday/tomorrow off work so I think we are going to go for a surf up at Birdie Beach and some outdoor anal (and oral) activities will be included.  I might see if I can find a third to join us if anyone is interested.

OK, bed time for me – talk to you guys tomorrow.

Speedo Fuck

March 14th, 2016

Sloppy Drunk Sex

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I have emerged from my bed after a HUGE Saturday night.

Over the holidays I have been pretty well behaved.  With Kip’s friends and family in town I’ve been the designed driver a bunch and with it being busy we haven’t been out much either.

That all changed on Saturday night.  I was behaving myself, working and having a few quiet ones and then Kip got a call from mates who were in town and we headed out.  I think we left the house at about 11pm, we got back to the house for hottub around 3am (bars close around 2am I think so I’m not sure what we did for an hour).

Everyone was just having a good time and Kip and I finally made it to bed about 6am!!!  Kip’s mates had their own accommodation so we didn’t have any guests which was probably a good thing as Kip and I had some very drunk and very sloppy sex.

It wasn’t a pretty sight when we woke up around midday.  The house was a mess, Kip and I were a mess and it felt like I had been kicked in the head.  I showered and then went back to bed.  I finally emerged after sunset and ordered some Fatties Pizza and Kip and I watched a couple of movies with full bellies and my head started to feel kind of normal.

Slept in this morning but we are going to go out for a snowboard and start the week afresh.

If I don’t drink another Margarita before I leave I won’t be upset.

I do love drunken sloppy sex though.  With guys or girls I find people aren’t as worried about things and loose some inhibitions.  AND, I last a lot longer which is always a good thing right?  My arse might have recovered by tomorrow but until then Kip isn’t allowed near it – hahaha.

Party SexDrunk Gay SexDrunk Sex

January 6th, 2014
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