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Pool Blowjob

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Today I’ve got a bunch of work that I would like to get on top of.

You guys know I love my work and I wish I had more hours in the day to spend on it, or maybe a 2nd cock so that I could enjoy my work even more – hehehe.  I figured out my total travel time and it is 38 hours which is nuts.  That is from my door here on the beach to Kip’s door on the snow.  It just means that I will be offline for nearly 2 days which is kind of weird for me.  Kip keeps an eye on things so everything keeps running but it means I’m going to have to spend some time to make sure I’m on top of things.

And now I’m rambling and not getting on top of things.

OK, here is another clip from the Swim Team movie that I told you guys about a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll get to work… you guys enjoy getting hard watching speedo porn…..

Gay Swim Team Threesome

January 14th, 2016

Swim Team Porn

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I have been promising a batch of new movies and I finally got them live on like 5 minutes ago.

There are 6 scenes in this collection totally just over 2 hours of run time!!!  2 HOURS of new speedo porn on top of the 85 hours that are already only.

The premise is a swim team who get into all sorts of naughty trouble in the pool, the jacuzzi and the showers.  I love their black lycra speedos with the blue panel down the side.  Of the 6 scenes, I think my favourite is the final scene when the ‘coach’ sits 3 of the team members on the side of the pool and then sucks each one of them off in turn.  Then he fucks them all as well.

I’ve been sporting an erection the last 2 hours while I’ve been getting these ready and once I hit ‘publish’ on this post I am going to re-watch the final scene and cum in my red Arena speedos which is all that I am wearing.

If you guys want to watch these movies…. you can right now.

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December 30th, 2015
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