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Alex’s Breakup

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Did you guys enjoy my reminiscing about Alex’s first gay experience?  Since then he has embrassed the man sex for sure and although he still doesn’t enjoy bottoming as much as I do, he can take a fat cock.

When I was thinking about writing about Alex’s Breakup I went back and read some of the experiences that I had with Alex over the last 18 months and I remembered I wrote a post about Alex’s sexual bucket list.  We were just joking around but here is what was on Alex’s sexual bucket list:

  • Feel a guy cum in his mouth.
  • Work toward being fucked.
  • Threesome with 2 guys.
  • Being tied up and fucked in the arse by two guys once after the other.

That last one was pretty specific and that is the only thing that I don’t think Alex has done on that list.  He has done some other things tough including a foursome, lots of sex outdoors up at Birdie Beach

I’ll be sure to bring up the Alex’s getting fucked by several guys thing next time I see him, although he will probably read this before then so he’ll know what I’m thinking.

Back to Alex’s break up.  So Alex was on Grindr but he had never had a hookup on his own on there.  He and I have picked up guys together on Grindr, I’ve picked up guys on Grindr that he has also fucked but he has never done it on his own.  He is even more careful about his anonymity than I am so a first meeting would be even scarier for him.  But he did have a Grindr account and would occasionally surf around on it and I could also tell him about guys that I’ve seen on there.

Sorry guys, the rest of this is for ‘members only’.  There are a few too many personal details that I don’t really want super public.  Feel free to join for a whole $5 and find out what happened.

Here are some photos from the rest of the post for you to think about.

Alex's Grindr Profile PictureGrindr Screen Shot of Shirtless GuysGirlfriend Watching Gay Boyfriend Suck Cock

September 8th, 2015

Party Time

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There has been an interesting development with Alex and his girlfriend.  I’m not sure how much of what I’ve been told I’m going to disclose here but in effect Alex is now a bachelor.

He is feeling a little bummed out and it came to him as a bit of a surprise so this weekend I think the plan is to party so hard that he feels great…. and the next day his hangover is sooooo bad that it takes his mind off being dumped.  Good idea?  Probably not but it should be fun and hopefully get him back on the horse.

I might be able to tell you guys more after the weekend but you know how I value my privacy so I’ll extend that to Alex as well.

If anyone is up in Terrigal the next couple of days let me know, we’ll be at the Beery tonight and probably just BBQ’ing all day Sunday – unfortunately looks like the cricket won’t last until Sunday.

Speedos and Butts

August 7th, 2015

Alex’s Girlfriend

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Alex’s girlfriend is pretty hot and she is pretty nice.  I haven’t had too much direct contact with her but she’ll come around to BBQ’s and I’ve seen her out at the pub a few times.

She does not know that Alex’s cock has been inside me.

Yesterday I got a message from her on Facebook.

At first I didn’t realise who it was because I didn’t know her last name.  Turns out she has to make up a promo video for work and one of the other girls in the group of friends had suggested she ask me to give her a hand.  She did speak to Alex before stalking me on the Facebook.

You wouldn’t believe it but I do have some experience editting video….. speedo sex videos (

I replied saying sure thing, I’d love to help out and come around any night.

She was in a bit of a rush so she came over last night.

Alex didn’t come over but we did text each other that afternoon.  Alex’s girlfriend is really nice and we got through most of her project and I finished it for her this morning.  Nothing naughty at all, it is my fuck buddies girlfriend after all – hahaha.  She was really appreciative.

Tell me that isn’t a weird situation…. sitting at my kitchen bench with a girl whose boyfriend has bent me over that same kitchen bench and fucked me.  On top of that, Alex has told me what his girlfriend likes and doesn’t like.  She does like it when Alex wears speedos which is pretty hot.

Speedo CoupleMuff DivingMatching Swimsuit

July 7th, 2014

Between Alex’s Legs

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I heard a very interesting story last night about my str8 fuck buddy Alex…..

One of the guys was telling me about how the crew went for a ski trip a couple of years ago (they were staying at the Station Resort in Jindabyne which I’ve stayed at on high school ski trips).  Turns out Alex and his girlfriend went home instead of partying and someone came back to get something from a shared hotel room.

Turns out my mate glanced in the window before he walked into the hotel room and saw Alex getting a blowjob from his girlfriend.  Apparently, Alex was wearing a black speedo and his girlfriend was wearing a black thong (nothing else).  It was pretty funny hearing this from a str8 friend who obviously doesn’t know that I’ve been on my knees in front of Alex in a similar position.

My str8 mate who was telling me this story was pretty hammered and I told him that must have been hot (Alex’s girlfriend is pretty hot) and he agreed.  Told my that it was one for the ‘wank bank’.

I wonder if I can use this towards getting Alex to open up to his girlfriend about his ‘gay’ side?

Sucking in Red SpeedoSucking Green Speedo Guy

June 30th, 2014

Time for Alex to Suck Up

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An interesting development with Alex for me to share with you guys.

Seems like he is jealous/upset about my threesome on Sunday night.

We did catch up at the pool yesterday for a swim and he wasn’t as friendly as usual and then he texted me afterwards saying he didn’t think it was kewl that I had a random threesome.

I’m not quite sure what that is all about.  He has a girlfriend, he was a bit of a tease on Friday night, I’ve got over a week since I got off.

I’d be interested to hear what you guys think.

Banana Blowjob Practice

May 12th, 2014
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