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Grindr Allows Speedos

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Finally I have the house back to myself, I had a cousin of mine and her boyfriend crashing at my place for the last week and I apologize for the lack of posting.

My place is amazing because it is right on the beach but it is pretty small so I gave them my bedroom and I slept on the couch.  I am able to work but without privacy there are something I don’t get to spend as much time on as I like.  They were great fun though.

I’m not out at all to any of my family so there was obviously no hanky panky happening while they were here.

So today, I was really horny, I had the house back to myself and I turned on Grindr and to my surprise, Grindr now allows speedos!!!  I haven’t turned Grindr on since I was in Breckenridge with Kip (still have the setting to miles instead of kilometers) but in the past I’ve had submitted profile pictures of me wearing speedos and they have not been approved.  I think I mentioned it on a blog post how stupid it was that Grindr wouldn’t allow a non-adult/porn photos of guys wearing speedos and someone mentioned that it had something to do with Apple who would not approve the App.  I’m not sure if that is the real reason but it was stupid.

Today, I scrolled down and found this super fit, 36yo guy wearing speedos and looking fucking amazing in them.

Grindr Speedo

Of course I messaged him immediately “Love the speedos mate.  I’m having a ‘speedo only’ day myself.  In Terrigal and available all day if you are interested.”

He messaged me back immediately.  “Definitely interested, Sydney based but up here working. Could be in your neighbourhood about 3pm.”

I sent him my address and he sent back “Wearing AussieBums under my work clothes.”

Just after 3pm there was a knock at my door.  I had been wearing my AussieBum Coolabah’s all day and when I opened the door, that was all I was wearing.  I was semi hard and my packaged looked just perfect in the nylon speedos.

AussieBum CoolabahWhite Speedos Close Up

Mr. Grindr looked just as amazing in his Grindr profile photo as he did in person.  We shook hands and he walked in.  Before the door had closed he was unbuttoning his shirt.  I stood back and enjoyed the strip show.  Mr. Grindr removed his slacks and he was wearing classic blue AussieBums.  Fuck me sideways he looked like he was just made to wear speedos.  He was semi hard as well.

I said I’d grab him a drink and turned around about to head towards the kitchen when I felt his hand grab the back of my speedos by the waist band.  Mr. Grindr came up behind me and started kissing my neck, grinding his cock along my arse crack and he reached around to the front of my AussieBums and was rubbing my cock through the lycra matrial of my white speedos.

He then undid the drawstring.

My AussieBum Coolabah’s don’t have any elastic in the waist band so once the drawstring is undone they get pretty loose, pretty quick.  Mr. Grindr told me he wanted to fuck me.

We had managed to get close to my kitchen breakfast bar which had condom and lube on it.  Mr. Grindr was rubbed up and he squirted lube into my butt and put a glob of it on his cock.  He bent me over the breakfast bar and entered me.  He really did fuck me hard and not having had a cock inside me for the last month or so I was pretty tight.

Mr. Grindr was cumming in no time.  When his trusts finally died down he got on his knees and told me to cum on his face.

Now with my back to the breakfast bar, I pulled the bum of my speedos up, pulled the front down and started jerking off.  I was really horny and it didn’t take long until I was cumming on Mr. Grindr’s face.  He grabbed my cock and rubbed the last of it over him.

He said he wanted to leave my jizz on his face for the drive back to Sydney so he pretty much got up and left.  Not a big talker – hahaha.

Speedo SexGay Speedo Sex

September 16th, 2016


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You guys know that I use the mobile app Grindr a bunch and it has treated me pretty well.  Saying that, I’m not a complete floozy, I usually talk to guys on the phone and meet them publicly, fingers crossed I haven’t had any ‘horror’ stories thus far.

Kip uses Grindr here in Breckenridge but hasn’t had the same success I’ve had back in Aussie, could be because it is a small town.  This morning Kip and I were just working and he said that he has hooked up with some guys from Craigslist.  Craigslist isn’t something we use down under so I checked it out.  There was an interesting post…..

32 Year old, blonde, blue, fit, avg cock, headed to the Breckenridge rec center today (Wed). Anyone want to fool around in the locker room? I’m DD free, you be too. Love to show off and watch. Love to J/o together, give and receive oral.

Sounds very interesting don’t you think?

Not sure about the location though, the ‘Rec Center’ is a big gym/pool/tennis courts building owned by the town.  I spoke about it last year when I was here and I went lap swimming there. In the change rooms guys would walk around butt naked but I was the only person I saw swimming laps in a speedo, everyone else was wearing dork shorts.

With regards to that Craigslist post I’m not sure it would work since every time I was at the Rec Center it was really busy and the locker room didn’t have enough privacy to fool around at all.  Maybe after a few ‘Seven and Seven’s’ tonight (that 7&7 is something I heard for the first time yesterday) Kip and I might reply to that guys post and see what happens.

As always, I will keep you guys posted.

Speedo ShowerGay Shower BlowjobGuys showing in speedosGay Showering Couple

February 3rd, 2016

Beach Sex

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Last week I tried to organize a bit of a beach session but it all kind of fell apart.  I was super horny, I had not jerked off in 2 days and then one of the guys pulled out (not literally – I hate the overuse of that word these days), then it got windy.  After it was cancelled, I was then hoping to hookup with Alex at the pool but there was a bunch of people at the pool so we couldn’t really fuck in the change rooms.

Talk about sexually frustrated.

Today, it is going to happen!!!

Alex is definitely in, he is finishing work at midday and then picking me up, a Grindr hookup is in and he sounds awesome!!!  And, there might be a blog fan who will join us but he won’t know until later in the day.  He might just join us on the beach.

This morning I woke up super horny but held off, I pretty much woke up, got out of bed (I wore a pair of blue AussieBum’s to bed), walked out the door and jumped in the ocean.  It was a little cool but had the effect of tapering my morning boner.

I’ve got a few hours of work before Alex picks me up, if anyone else is floating around feel free to join us.  Go to the main Birdie Beach carpark, then walk south on the beach maybe 1km.

Have a good day guys.

Speedos on the SandBeach in SpeedoBlue Speedos at the BeachBeach Speedo

October 13th, 2015

Sexual Bucket List

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It has been a week or so since I posted about Alex and our sexual safari/road trip.

From the emails I’ve been getting, you guys want to hear more about Alex and his sexual awakening.  After Alex’s my first ever experience (which members can read here).

It was a pretty standard first gay experience, I sucked Alex off, he wasn’t that keen to suck me off so I jerked off in my speedos watching him in his speedos.  Then we moved into my bedroom and made out which was really, really hot!!!  That was when I got to suck Alex off again and I jerked myself off while doing it.

I wanted to take it easy with Alex, not scare him or have him do anything he wasn’t sure of or wasn’t comfortable with – this was a big step for him, he had never made out with a guy, had a guy tough him sexually or ever touched another guys cock.

This wasn’t my first rodeo and a week or so later, Alex came around on a Friday afternoon and fucked me.  It was the first time he’d ever fucked a guy and he came pretty quick.  Again, no real reciprocation from him but as it has turned out over the last 18 months, waiting and taking things slow has paid off handsomely.

After Alex fucked me I hooked up with a gay couple I met on Grindr and it was great to be in the hands of some more experienced guys, I wrote about this at the time on my blog and I was afraid Alex was a little jealous.  Alex came around one Friday afternoon, in true form we both stripped down to just our speedos (I was wearing a pair of ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos – like the ones pictured below) and had a drink around my kitchen counter.  Alex apologized for being a little jealous and he understood that in the end I’d need some servicing as well.

It was during this conversation that Alex brought up his sexual bucket list:

  • To suck a guy off until he cums.
  • Work towards being fucked.
  • Threesome with 2 guys.
  • Being tied up and 2 guys fucking him one after the other.

Within 30 minutes of that revelation…… Alex had a full load of my creamy cum in his mouth.

I will post the full story of Alex’s first ever gay blowjob tomorrow. You will have to be a member to read it all – it is only $5 to join and I really appreciate your support.

Gay Blowjob

September 25th, 2015

Indoor Pool Twinks – Scene 4

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If you were a member you could be doing this….

Solo Cum Shot

While watching this movie……

Locker Room Blowjob

It is a whole $5 and you’d be helping me create more and more movies and pics of guys doing naughty things in speedos.  Click here to join.

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September 22nd, 2015
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