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Radium Hot Springs

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I have been dying to tell you guys about what I got up to last Thursday at the Radium Hot Springs.

The background is that I somehow heard about these natural hot springs about an hour from Kip’s place in Breckenridge but nobody I knew had been to them.  From what I read it was a natural pool on the side of the Colorado River a 20 minute walk from a parking area and it was not developed at all, 100% natural.

So, last Thursday, Kip was out of town, I was a little hungover so about 2pm I jumped in the car and headed in that direction.  It was a little late in the day but I kind slept in and was feeling unproductive so I wanted to get out of the house.

Here is a photo I found online of the springs in summer….

Radium Hot Springs Colorado

And this is a photo I took when I first got in……

Hot Springs in Colorado

The directions I had for the hot springs were perfect, there was 1 car in the parking area when I arrived and I walked the 20 minutes to the springs.  As I got closer I heard some people talking which I assumed were from the car that was in the parking area.  Approaching the springs, you are on top of a cliff overlooking the river and you have to climb down to the hot springs.  I found a pot where I could look down into the hot spring pool and saw a young couple (male and female), naked just hanging out.

I hollered out, saying g’day and asked if they would mind if I joined them – I didn’t want to startle anyone and I felt bad for crashing their party.  I had assumed sunset on a Thursday afternoon the place would be deserted and I’m guessing they had the same idea.

They were super nice and told me I was welcome to join.

I had brought a pack with a pair of dork shorts but under my snowboarding pants I was wearing a pair of ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.  I’m actually wearing them right now as I write this, they are the best fitting speedos I own right now and if I do say so myself, they look amazing!!!

Since these guys were naked, I thought I’d speedo it up so I stripped down to my ADIDAS speedos and jumped in.  I was trying to keep my eyes up and not check them out.  In my pack I had also brought gin and tonic and a handful of plastic cups (red solo cups).

The couple, Rachel and Brian, were really cool.,  I offered them a drink which they thought was great since they had just run out and were going to do a run back to their car for more booze.  They are both in college studying engineering.  The pool isn’t huge but we all had our own space and you kinda needed to keep your whole body under the water because it was pretty cold out of the water.

For well over an hour we just shot the breeze, they loved my accent and we all got tipsy on the G&T’s.  It was gorgeous as the light changed through sunset.

Over the course of the conversation it came out that Rachel and Brian were just fuck buddies in the same class at college, I had assumed they were a couple.  And then after more than an hour of innocent conversation, somehow the conversation turned to ‘orgies’.  Rachel told a story of a girlfriend of hers being gang banged but said she was too much of a lady to share any of her stories and Brian said he had no previous experience.  Rachel was pressing me to tell a story so I shared my first threesome experience – which you can read here.

Rachel and Brian were both intrigued and wanted ALL the juicy details.  By now the lycra in the front of my ADIDAS speedos was being stretched but I was under the water so nobody could tell.

It was after I had finished describing my first threesome in all its details that Rachel told me to come over to where the water was warmer.  I looked to Brian for approval and he didn’t seem to mind.  By now I knew where this was going.  I stood up in the early evening light, there no hiding the hard on in my ADIDAS speedos and moved towards Rachel and settled down into the water.  It was much warmer than where I had been sitting.

That is when, under the water, that Rachel’s hand touched my cock…..

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February 1st, 2017

Aussie Day in the USA

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The last few years I’ve enjoyed Australia Day while visiting Kip here in Colorado.  There has been some shenanigans in the past (click here to read about what happened last year).

This year was pretty quiet, it was was a Thursday (no big deal) but Kip was out of town so I had the place to myself and while Kip has introduced me to his crew here, they aren’t really my mates so I couldn’t really put on a big shin-dig.  So instead I decided to head down to the Radium Hotsprings which I had been doing some research on.

It was a very, very good call on my part!!!

The springs were really awesome, they are natural, on the side of the Colorado River and were like a 1km walk into.

And the company turned out very, very awesome….. I need to sit down and write about it for you guys which I will do tomorrow.  OMG it was fucking hot.

I hope everyone else had a good Australia Day.  I’m just about to walk out the door and drive down to Denver to pick up Kip from the airport, drop into COSTCO (one of my favourite places of all time) and drop into Bass Pro Shop to get my red neck on.  Then I have a romantic night in Denver planned for Kip…..

You guys enjoy these Aussie speedos, if you have any more of these, or pics of yourself in Aussie speedos, drop over to the Speedo Forum ( and post your own.

Another Aussie SpeedoAussie SpeedoAussie Flag SpeedosAussie SpeedoAussie Turbo SpeedosAussie SpeedoAussie SpeedosAussie SpeedosAussie Turbo SpeedoAussie Speedo BoysAustralia

January 28th, 2017

2 speedo guys and the road…..

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Two days in a row of early blog posts – aren’t you guys lucky.

Maybe I’m just feeling guilty about missing an entire week of blog posts.

Kip and I are just about to hit the road (he is packing the Durango while I finish his post).

We are heading south.  There are some sand dunes that we will try and see, we might knock off Mount Princeton (which is a peak above 14,000 feet – 6,267m).  We’ll loop around anti-clockwise and maybe check out the hot springs in Glenwood Springs before getting back home Sunday or Monday or Tuesday.

I’m excited to get on the road and we’re just going to wing it.  I’m sure Grindr will be used but these are small towns so not sure if it will work.

The weather is supposed to be super warm and we are looking forward to maybe getting in the water…. the water on the Australian Central NSW Coast is probably warmer in winter than the lakes and rivers in Colorado in summer but we’ll see.

Blue Speedos

June 28th, 2013

Natural Hot Springs

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Sorry for not posting over the last couple of days guys – I decided on Friday morning to head over to the West Coast and hike into some natural hot springs.  I was up early and saw that the weather forecast was perfect so I just packed up and jumped in the car.

It was nice to get off the grid and spend a couple of days in the bush.  On Friday night I was the only person in the hut by the hot springs (which is a 5hr walk to) and enjoyed speedo’ing it up and having a few quiet drinks in the springs.  Saturday I got up late and did a bit of exploring and some other groups came in to the hut and we ended up playing some cards and had a great night overall.

Yesterday, I walked out and drove back home and I feel refreshed and excited for a big week of work.  I have a ridiculous amount of new movies to upload tomorrow (over 1 gig) which the members at are going to love.  I’ve made up some sample clips too which I’ll give you guys a link to laster in the week.

Well I better get back to it – I had a bit of a tumble in one of the creek crossings yesterday and really hurt my shoulder so I might have to lay off swimming for a few days which is a bummer but no biggy.

It can be ‘hard’ work when I’m looking at this kind of stuff all day….

October 18th, 2010

Mike the Snowboard Instructor

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This morning woke up after a nice sleep in and what I found in my inbox was a wonderful surprise!!!

It was an email from Mike the Snowboard Instructor.  For those of you who haven’t been reading this blog that long, Mike and I hooked up back in 2008.  I met him out on the dance floor one night and we hit it off.  I didn’t get to snowboard with Mike much because he was working a bunch but we did become swimming buddies and fuck buddies as well.

Turns out that Mike lives over in Wanaka (a ski town about an hour away) and is running some instructors course.  I had completely lost contact with him but he still reads this blog occasionally.

I’m not 100% sure when we’ll get a chance to catch up but I’m sure it won’t be too long.

Here is something that Mike and I got up to back then at Hamner Springs……  Over the next week or so I’ll repost some of our ‘time’ together.

Last weekend was a long weekend here in NZ (Queens Birthday I think).  Because of the work that Mike does he was working pretty hard late last week and the on the weekend but on Saturday Mike called me and asked me if I wanted to head 6hrs north to Hamner Springs for a couple of nights.

Hamner Springs is well it is a place where there are some natural springs.  It’s a pretty funky little town that is only there because of tourists.

I’ve been there a couple of times before – it is a good spot to spend a night on the way to or from somewhere.  And I told Mike that I’d love to come along.  I asked him if there was anything I needed to organise but he said he had everything organised and he’d pick me up when he finished work on Sunday around 4pm.

Mike has a nicer car than me so I was happy to have him drive.  The trip took us a good 6 and a half hours and we arrived up at the lodge around 11pm.  The drive was nice (although it was dark) and Mike and I talked about everything on the way up.

When we arrived at the lodge our room was absolutely FREEZING.  We hadn’t eaten on the way up so unloaded the car and went down town to the local pub which was open and had a light dinner (which kinda seemed like leftovers from the kitchen).  At the lodge is a private hot tub which you can book but it closes at 10pm, otherwise we would have saved our appetite for each other.

Returning to the lodge the room was finally warm enuf to get down to speedos and we did.  Mike had come straight from a full day’s work so we both had a shower together.

We were both horny but kept the shower play to kissing and cleaning mostly…..

Since I am a fan of rimming before fucking a guy (and I’m keen of receiving a rim job as well) I always make sure I clean my backside and his.  I think I even slipped my finger in Mike’s arse a couple of times – hehehe.

With rimming on my mind – once Mike and I were semi dried off I threw him on the bed face down and I started eating his arse.  The site was amazing with Mike’s balls tucked under him so I was playing with his nuts while I tongues his arsehole.  We were both hard from the shower already but Mike still had to adjust himself every couple of seconds as he was lying on his stiff cock.

Then I used my fingers on Mike’s arse.  Kneeling behind him I kissed and licked Mike’s back while I slowly inserted one finger… then two.
With his cock rubbing against the bed Mike began to trust back against my fingers – I had a feeling that Mike was going to ask me to fuck him and sure enuf he did.

I wish I was ready right then and there but I had to open up my suitcase and get to my condom supply (which is always plentiful).  During this 10 second interlude Mike was fucking the bed (I suppose that is how you’d say it) and his butt looked very cute.  Once I got the condoms (I got 4 out – this isn’t going to be a one horse race) Mike told me to get a towel because he doesn’t think he will be able to stop from cumming all over the bed.

Mike puts the towel under him (“Don’t forget to bring a towel.” – Leave a comment if you know who says that).  And I put my rubber on and lubed it up – squirting a good load in Mike’s crack.

As I straddled Mike he turned his head and said “Fuck me HARD Dave!!!”  He didn’t need to ask me twice.

I wedged my cockhead maybe half into Mike’s arse and moved it around a little bit.  Just a little bit of the head of my cock.  Now Mike was moaning and begging me to fuck him.

Placing my hands on Mike’s shoulders I plunged my cock deep into his arse and I arched my back as to thrust it even deeper.  Mike’s moan had a hint of pain in it and I paused for a moment to let his arse get used to my engorged, pulsing cock in it.

After more than a couple of minutes I lied my chest and stomach on Mike’s back and whispered in his ear “Would you like me to fuck you now?”

Mike was speechless but the gentle trusting of his lower body told me that ‘yes’ he wanted me to fuck him.  And that is what I did.

Earlier in the day I had masturbated like 3 times so I didn’t come in my usual 5 seconds and just as I was getting some rhythm I could tell that Mike was getting close…. I started talking dirty to him and that in turn made me get very very close.  I’m not 100% sure who came first but it was a photo finish.

By now it was well after midnight so Mike and I had another shower and went to bed – it is soooooo nice having a man to cuddle (and to be cuddled by).

I’ll have to tell you guys about the ‘private’ hot tub at the lodge – perhaps THE BEST HOTTUB for SEX that I have ever been in.

July 26th, 2010
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