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Swimsuit Fantasty

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I’ve had sex in the change rooms (locker rooms) at several pools, but only ever with guys.

What I would do to fuck a chick in a pool locker room…. and to have her wearing a one piece swimsuit, that is blue and that is ADIDAS. Of course I’d wear my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

And…. if you’d like to watch this movie.  It is available in the ‘bisexual’ section of – that is

April 12th, 2017

Lycra Bike Shorts

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Despite being more of a speedo guy than a jammer or bike shorts kind of guy the idea of being with guys wearing any kind of lycra gets my cock stirring.

This gives me an idea – maybe I’ll buy a couple of lycra wrestling suits for Will and I to play in.  Anyone know a good place to buy a lycra wrestling suit?


December 31st, 2009
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