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Breakfast Blowjob

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This morning was nothing out of the ordinary, I woke up with my usual erect cock which was straining the front of my ADIDAS speedos.

Unlike any other morning, I didn’t wake up in my bed.  Did I have company I hear you ask?  No I didn’t.  But in the room next door was a really cute gay couple, so I texted one of them:

“Want me to join you guys?”

The response was….  “In a few.”

During those ‘few’ I had to restrain myself from cumming, I really was fucking horny.

5 minutes later I receiving the following text: “Michael says cum over.”

So I did.  Michael and the guy who was texting me were in bed, 100% naked, I was wearing just my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.  I jumped into bed and I wasn’t here to mess around.  I asked Michael to suck my cock and he went to work.  My cock was out the side of my ADIDAS speedos, Michael’s boyfriend was next to me watching him work my cock.

Now I don’t always cum from having my cock sucked but today I did.  And it was 2 or 3 days worth of cum built up which I unloaded into Michael’s mouth.  And he hoovered it up, every last drop.

It really was amazing and while it probably goes without saying, I love having my cock sucked!!!

Afterwards I got up and cooked Michael and his boyfriend breakfast, at least something to wash my load of cum down.  When I was done cleaning up, we all shook hands, I caught the elevator down, got in my car and 30 minutes later I am sitting on the beach writing a blog post for you guys.

So how was your Sunday?

Speedo BlowjobBlowjob in Speedos

April 16th, 2017

Sucking Two Cocks

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Today I caught up with Michael and another friend of his.

For those of you who missed the post, back in December my fuck buddy Michael and I caught up with a friend of his.  Michael’s friend had read my blog and acted as if he was having sex with a movie star.  Click here to read that post – it is pretty hot even if I say so myself.

I was horny as hell last night and I shot him a TXT asking if he was keen to catch up in the next couple of days.

Turns out…. his ‘fuck buddy’ mate is in town on business and is staying at a fancy hotel/retreat not far from my place.  Michael made the call and so we headed up there for lunch…. well it was sex and then lunch and then sex again.

I LOVE having 2 cocks to play with – I suppose it is actually three cocks if you include mine.

January 20th, 2010

Cock for lunch

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Today I was up bright an early, went for a walk down the beach to grab the paper and a bagel. The tide was low this morning and it was nice. Going to be 30 degrees today (about 92F) and hopefully we’ll get an afternoon storm.

Last night I was pretty horny so I send Michael a txt message to see if he wanted to catch up today for some speedo fun (for anyone who doesn’t know my history with Michael – click here to read some old posts).  He got back to me straight away saying yeah sure.  The beach is a little busy with skool holidays so I’m going to go around to his place – we might have to leave the beach sex until later in January.

I’m going to leave pretty much as soon as I finish this post and I’m really really really horny.  I didn’t even have my morning wank or two so Michael is going to get a mouthful…..


December 21st, 2009


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I was really horny yesterday and I checked out this hookup thing that you can get on your fone called Grindr.

Literally, I hit submit on yesterdays blog post, downloaded Grindr and within 5 minutes was talking to a guy who lives maybe 5 minutes by car away.  He was horny, he knew of my blog but hadn’t read it lately, he liked speedos and was keen for a blowjob in the dunes.

No more than half an hour after I hit submit we met (I’ll call him Michael) at a beach entrance near my place.  Instead of meeting in the dunes we met at one of the beach entrances as Michael knew of a quiet spot.  He is pretty hot and I couldn’t wait to get him down to his speedos.  I wasn’t completely hard but I was pretty close considering the start to my morning and having not been relieved as of yet.

Michael knew of a great spot in the dunes where I felt sure nobody would interupt us – we immediately stripped down to our speedos (I was wearing a new pair of black spank speedos and Michael was wearing a pair of black speedo brand speedos).

Since I was pretty much hard I lied on my back on a towel and let Michael go to work.  He pulled my cock out the leg of my speedo (which I love) and he was much appreciative of the shaving I did on my cock and balls last night.  As you can expect, I didn’t take very long and at once stage Michael was about to start fingering my arse but I told him not too as I would have cum just too quickly!!!

I came in Michaels mouth and I had to try and not be too loud.

Then I bought Michaels face up from between my legs to my lips and we kissed.

The kissing lasted a few minutes and although Michael is a swallower, I could taste the reminents of my cum in his mouth.  Once Michael was hard (I was hard again now too) I put him on his back and repeated exactly what he had just done for me.

Michael told me that he had masturbated earlier that morning and he took a little longer than I did.  When he came I literally sucked the cum out of his cock.

By now I was rock hard again – I told you I didn’t get any last weekend.

This time Michael and I were on our knees kissing and I just masturbated while we made out.  I came/dribbled over Michael’s leg and he scooped up my cum and ate it – which I thought was pretty hot.

After that we were pretty much done.  45 minutes after I hit submit on yesterdays blog post.

Michael is the only person within 1.5hrs drive that I know who is into speedos and sucking cock so I think we might catch up again.

October 20th, 2009
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