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My First Orgy/Sex Party

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I think I should tell you guys what happened on Wednesday night – if you missed my invitation click here to read the blog post from earlier in the week.

My preparation was pretty good, I pretty much lived with one of my butt plugs in all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning and I managed to restrain myself from jerking off Wednesday morning despite being unbelievably horny.

I arrived at Alex and Adam’s place right on time and there were a couple of other cars there already (some of the guys came up from Sydney).  As I got out of my car, I was wearing a button up shirt, jeans, and boots.  My new AussieBum jockstrap that the Married Guy gave me and I had my ADIDAS three-stripe speedos in my back pocket as a backup or just something to change into in the likely event that the jockstrap ends up being a little dirty.

I knocked on the door and Alex’s boyfriend, Adam, was there wearing only a pair of red speedo brand speedos and looking really hot.  I could hear people in the house and Adam directed me into the study which is at the front of their townhouse and told me to get changed and come into the living room when I was ready.  I stripped down to my jockstrap.  I was definitely a little bit nervous, wearing very little and about to meet some complete strangers but I took a deep breath and headed towards the living room.

Turned out that I was the last one to arrive.

There were two couples on the couch making out, all four were wearing AussieBum’s which was pretty hot.  Alex, Adam and another guy (who was wearing a classic black speedo) were standing in the kitchen watching these two couples going at it on the couch.  I was introduced to the other guy, I’ll call him Josh, who was the only single guy other than myself.  The four guys on the couch were two couples who had swapped partners and were getting stuck into each other.

I was the only one not wearing speedos and as Alex gave me a beer he told me that everyone was excited to meet the infamous Dave Speedo Evans and had speedo’d it up for me.

Adam came over and started making out with me right there in front of his boyfriend, Alex, and Josh.

Then I felt Josh come up behind me and start kissing my neck and then…. his hand was between my arse cheeks.  And then…. I felt a well lubed finger inside me.

Josh asked me if I was ready, I was.

My lips hadn’t left Adam’s when I started to feel Josh line up behind me and start to insert himself inside me.

Sex standing up is always a little tricky but Josh was rock hard and my arse was hungry for some cock.  As Josh was thrusting I managed to get Adam’s cock out the leg of his speedo and I told him I wanted to suck him which he didn’t object to.

This position was awkward and I was just about to quit when Josh started moaning louder and louder and then he froze, deep in my arse as he started cumming.

Josh slowly slipped his cock out of me and I stood up.  He turned me around and gave me a kiss.

I looked over there were five guys over on the couch, the two couples and Alex was there as a bit of a fifth wheel.  Josh headed to the bathroom to clean up a little bit and Adam directed me towards the couch.  Adam had a condom and a bottle of lube in his hand and directed me to get on my knees in front of Alex who was part of a weird mix of arms and legs.  I found the front of Alex’s speedos and started licking the front of his speedos.

Adam entered me in one single deep stroke of his cock.

That is about 1/4 of what I’ve written about this experience….. the rest of it I am keeping for members only.  This is because I love the support of the members and for discretion I need to keep a bit of this quiet.

Click here if you’d like to join.  It is only $5 and you can join by credit card or PayPal.

May 7th, 2018

First Speedo Purchase

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On yesterday’s post (which I thought was really hot), Evilotto77 (who is a consistent comment poster) requested that I post some more stories.

So here is a story that I added to my site last week – there are a bunch of stories over there including most of my own experiences.

This story is written by a fellow blogger Hunx Trunx – enjoy guys.

I had finally gotten the nerve to buy a pair of sexy Speedo swim trunks to wear to the pool.

I’m thirty-five, six foot two inches and sport a swimmers body and an extra large “endowment”. I had always worried about getting embarrassed by getting hard in public in just a pair of tight trunks!

I’m turned on by any decent looking guy in a pair of tight briefs or swimwear so you can imagine what might happen to me in a public pool.

So, I went to my friendly neighbourhood J.C. Penny’s to start my search for the perfect pair.

It was about eight in the evening and there were very few customers around the men’s section.

Of course the first place I went, it being a Penny’s, was to the men’s room to see what kind of action there might be there.

To my disappointment, there was nothing going on. So, I went by the men’s underwear area.

That’s another area I can’t pass by without ogling the sexy models on the packages and maybe taking out a pair or two and putting my hand in the crotch area and rubbing the material.

Gets me rock hard every time. It would have been better if I’d run into another guy doing the same thing.

Finally, all frustrated at this point, I went to the swim trunk area. As I was running my fingers up and down the crotch area of the silky trunks, a handsome young sales clerk came up and asked I he could help me. I told him what I was looking for and he suggested a couple pair of Speedos. One cut in more of a bikini style and another that covered more of my ass and crotch; both black and shiny.

He showed me to the dressing area and I went in to try on the first pair.

Up until then, I had managed to stay soft but just holding the trunks made me start to get aroused. I stripped down completely. How else are you going to assess the complete package when trying on swimwear?

I slipped on the fuller pair and stood in front of the mirror admiring the fit.

By now I was starting to fill out the front with the beginnings of what later became a massive hard-on.

But we’ll get there later! As I was turning and admiring the look, the clerk came up to the curtain and asked how I was doing. I told him fine and then asked him what he thought of the “cut”. He pulled the curtain aside and looked in. His comment was that I filled them out just fine. I asked him If they were too tight and he said “He liked the way they shaped me in front.”

By now, I sensed that he was interested more than as just a sales clerk. I decided to test the thought by saying that I thought the leg bands were a little too tight as I ran my finger under the right leg opening. He said “Let me see for myself” and at that, reached over and put his index fingers under the leg openings. He ran them up and down the opening in the front and lingered enough to remove any doubt what he really had in mind. He told me to turn around and he did the same with the back side leg openings. This time he ran more of his entire hand up and under the leg band, rubbing my butt as he did so. His finger tips caressed my ass crack. When I turned around I was nearly rigid under the silky material. He ran his fingers over the bulge and down between my legs, teasing my balls as he did so. He said, “I think you fit into these just perfectly. By then, I noticed that he was sporting a long thick bulge in his suit pants. So what is a guy to do? I reached over and rubbed him through the material, asking him if he thought he’d like to get a better look at what was causing me to stick out in front. He responded that he’d love to do just that. He reached out again and put his fingers from both hands under the material and began to massage my balls and dick. I reached over and unzipped his fly and put my hand in the opening. My hand met white cotton briefs that were begging to be relieved of their enormous load of cock and balls. I massaged him through his shorts as he continued with me by putting his right hand down into the back of the Speedos and teasing the crack of my ass. God that was hot.

He pulled back, knelt down and began to lick my bulge through the nylon. I was so loaded with pre-cum that he was able to suck it through the trunks and then run his tongue up and down the bulge. He had put his right hand inside and was playing with my balls.

I interrupted him by pulling him up and kissing him deep and hard. Our crotches were rubbing against each other but I wanted to feel just Speedos against underwear so I undid his pants, letting them fall to his ankles. We rubbed against each other, swaying in each others arms while we kissed passionately.

He was obviously unconcerned about the possible customers or supervisors that could have come in on us, so I wasn’t going to worry about it either (I found out later that he and his boss covered for each other in circumstances like this).

Finally, he got on his knees again and began to slowly lower the Speedos until they were twisted down below my balls. He began to lick my balls and I wanted him deeper, so I pushed the trunks down all the way, sat down and spread my legs. He lifted them up and stuck his face down into my balls and the area below them, licking and sucking all the time he was there. He began to work his way back up and ran his tongue from the base of my cock to the tip, finally putting he tip into his mouth and slowly going down until his chin was teasing my balls. I reached through his legs and grabbed his shorts, pulling them down around his thighs. Then began to slowly stroke his huge cock and rub his balls as he sucked me.

I got us into a 69 position and decided to suck him at the same time. We squirmed and sucked and licked and just about passed out from the sheer passion! The time came to cum and I grabbed the black Speedos. As I shot, I caught the spunk in the material. Then as the clerk came seconds later, I held the trunks up against his cock and caught his cum as well. The white creamy sperm looked so sexy on that shiny black material. So much so that I decided to keep them and just use them to cum in. Of course, I had to buy another pair of Speedos to actually wear.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

April 13th, 2012
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