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What are your New Years plans?

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Bit of a grey old start to New Years Eve here in Australia.

Not a whole lot planned here today, I think I’ll spend the morning working, have an afternoon nap then going to one of my friends parents house for dinner and bring in the New Year.  I can walk from their place but lots of old people so don’t see it being a big night.

I don’t think I’ll get a New Years kiss unfortunately.  Maybe next year – haha.

Does anyone have any big plans?

I’ll get stuck into some work, if you joined the lately, I will get to activating your account now.  At least I can sit around working in my speedos…..  wearing my Portsea’s right now.

AussieBum Portsea

December 30th, 2017

Kip is about to get it

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How is every ones head feeling today?

I’m a little dusty.

I got into Kip’s before 7pm last night and he had a house full of people hanging out and looking forward to catching up with me or meeting me.  It was really sweet and Breckenridge might not quite feel like home, but it feels comfortable.

While I was super tired (it was 38 hours of travel from my place in Terrigal, Australia to Kip’s place in Breckenridge, Colorado), the warm welcome gave me a 2nd wind and I rallied.  I also had lots of duty free alcohol.

I didn’t last much past midnight though and I didn’t even hear or feel Kip come to bed sometime after.  I’m writing this post from his living room, he might need a little more rest before I go in there and let him fuck me.  Kip and I both get super horny when we are hungover so my guess is that today we are both going to get pounded HARD.  My guess is that it will be a lazy day in speedos watching American football (which I haven’t watched in 12 months – since the Broncos won the Super Bowl).

OK, I think I’ve waited enough…. time for some American dick!!!!

Hungover in Speedos

January 1st, 2017

Lamest New Years Ever

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2014 has now started for everyone.  It is weird getting drunken facebook messages and emails on New Years Eve of friends back home partying it up a day early.  I hope everyone had a Happy New Years and your looking forward to a big 2014.

I’m definitely looking forward to the new year.  I want to work harder, make more money, workout more, get fitter, maybe even have a ‘serious’ relationship in there.  Wait a minute, those are things that I always want so not really a new years resolution of such.

As for my New Years evening, holy moly was it pathetic.  Kip and I had a huge day snowboarding yesterday and ran into some folks for some apres skiing (European for ‘drinking after skiing’).  We didn’t get back to the house until about 6pm both cold, wet and exhausted.  So we poured a drink and got into the hottub.  By the time we got out of the hottub, showered it was nearly 8pm and we were starving.  I cooked up some fettuccine carbonara (pasta with bacon and chicken in a cream sauce).  By the time we had finished dinner it was 10pm.

So instead of getting on the sauce (Aussie for alcohol), Kip and I put on a movie and both of us fell asleep before it finished.

Are we a pair of 95yo’s or what?

We both made it to bed during the night and now I’m up at 6am on New Years Day…. a first for me since I turned 18, although I’ve still been awake at 6am MOST New Years Day’s since I turned 18.

Goes to show, the life of Dave Evans isn’t all partying and penis.

I wish you guys a happy and successful 2014.

White Speedos

January 1st, 2014

Happy New Year

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What are you guys up to for New Years?

I can’t believe I am up so early on New Years Eve, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to have an afternoon grandma-nap if I’m going to be any kind of fun in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

Tonight I’m going around to a friends place for New Years – it is a couple of hundred meters from my place.  The good news is that a girl I met a couple of weeks ago will be there.  I don’t think I mentioned it here but I did mention it on my blog – click here for that post.

Nothing has happened between us but she seems like a really funky chick and I even told her a little about what I do for a living (which I don’t tell any of my str8 mates who live here).

Have a good New Years and if you have a drink for me, I’ll have a drink for you.

December 31st, 2010
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