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Grindr Foursome

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Just after I posted yesterday, Kip and I took a selfie of us in front of his hottub in our speedos – I was wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe and Kip was wearing a pair of red Arena speedos which fit him just perfectly.

I posted the photo on Grindr and we had a pretty phenomenal response – it might have been because it was puking snow and people were stuck inside.

After a little bit of back and forth Kip and I found a 30yo couple from St. Louis who are out here on holidays (I mean ‘vacation’).  And I need to correct myself when I say ‘couple’ as well since these guys were more ‘fuck buddies’ than in an actual relationship.

Kip and I answered the door just in our speedos which the guys definitely appreciated.  With the anticipation both of us were rock hard and straining the thin layer of lycra which kept our cocks in. The guys were just as hot as their photos, they were both wearing AussieBums which they had got for Xmas – they looked really hot.  Without any invitation, the guys stripped down to their AussieBum speedos, they had brought over some Vodka so we all poured a drink and headed to the hottub.

Of course, Kip and I had prepared condom and lube which was within easy reach of the hottub.

There wasn’t a whole lot of foreplay or discussions, we kind of paired off and I was sitting on the edge of the hottub, cock out the leg of my speedos and unloading a day and a half worth of cum into this guys mouth.  When I was done spasming, I wasted no time in turning around and offering this cute AussieBum clad American boy my Aussie bum.  A quick squirt of lube and he was pounding me.  For the first time I looked over and saw Kip and the other guy all tangled up but enjoying watching us.

Well, I am sooooo fucking horny right now just reliving this that I have to go and put my cock in Kip’s mouth.

I’ll try and finish this tomorrow – it was supposed to be about speedo selfies but that will have to wait.

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February 20th, 2017

Grindr Allows Speedos

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Finally I have the house back to myself, I had a cousin of mine and her boyfriend crashing at my place for the last week and I apologize for the lack of posting.

My place is amazing because it is right on the beach but it is pretty small so I gave them my bedroom and I slept on the couch.  I am able to work but without privacy there are something I don’t get to spend as much time on as I like.  They were great fun though.

I’m not out at all to any of my family so there was obviously no hanky panky happening while they were here.

So today, I was really horny, I had the house back to myself and I turned on Grindr and to my surprise, Grindr now allows speedos!!!  I haven’t turned Grindr on since I was in Breckenridge with Kip (still have the setting to miles instead of kilometers) but in the past I’ve had submitted profile pictures of me wearing speedos and they have not been approved.  I think I mentioned it on a blog post how stupid it was that Grindr wouldn’t allow a non-adult/porn photos of guys wearing speedos and someone mentioned that it had something to do with Apple who would not approve the App.  I’m not sure if that is the real reason but it was stupid.

Today, I scrolled down and found this super fit, 36yo guy wearing speedos and looking fucking amazing in them.

Grindr Speedo

Of course I messaged him immediately “Love the speedos mate.  I’m having a ‘speedo only’ day myself.  In Terrigal and available all day if you are interested.”

He messaged me back immediately.  “Definitely interested, Sydney based but up here working. Could be in your neighbourhood about 3pm.”

I sent him my address and he sent back “Wearing AussieBums under my work clothes.”

Just after 3pm there was a knock at my door.  I had been wearing my AussieBum Coolabah’s all day and when I opened the door, that was all I was wearing.  I was semi hard and my packaged looked just perfect in the nylon speedos.

AussieBum CoolabahWhite Speedos Close Up

Mr. Grindr looked just as amazing in his Grindr profile photo as he did in person.  We shook hands and he walked in.  Before the door had closed he was unbuttoning his shirt.  I stood back and enjoyed the strip show.  Mr. Grindr removed his slacks and he was wearing classic blue AussieBums.  Fuck me sideways he looked like he was just made to wear speedos.  He was semi hard as well.

I said I’d grab him a drink and turned around about to head towards the kitchen when I felt his hand grab the back of my speedos by the waist band.  Mr. Grindr came up behind me and started kissing my neck, grinding his cock along my arse crack and he reached around to the front of my AussieBums and was rubbing my cock through the lycra matrial of my white speedos.

He then undid the drawstring.

My AussieBum Coolabah’s don’t have any elastic in the waist band so once the drawstring is undone they get pretty loose, pretty quick.  Mr. Grindr told me he wanted to fuck me.

We had managed to get close to my kitchen breakfast bar which had condom and lube on it.  Mr. Grindr was rubbed up and he squirted lube into my butt and put a glob of it on his cock.  He bent me over the breakfast bar and entered me.  He really did fuck me hard and not having had a cock inside me for the last month or so I was pretty tight.

Mr. Grindr was cumming in no time.  When his trusts finally died down he got on his knees and told me to cum on his face.

Now with my back to the breakfast bar, I pulled the bum of my speedos up, pulled the front down and started jerking off.  I was really horny and it didn’t take long until I was cumming on Mr. Grindr’s face.  He grabbed my cock and rubbed the last of it over him.

He said he wanted to leave my jizz on his face for the drive back to Sydney so he pretty much got up and left.  Not a big talker – hahaha.

Speedo SexGay Speedo Sex

September 16th, 2016

Speedo Selfie/Cock Selfie

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Now that Kip is gone I think I need to update my Grindr profile and see what kind of trouble I can get up to this weekend.

Does Grindr still not allow speedo pics?  I think that kind sucks but maybe I’ll get a pic of my red speedos just showing.

If I saw this guy on Grindr I’m pretty sure he’d get an invitation to cum over ASAP!!!

Maybe I’ll have Alex over on Friday afternoon and have him take some new pics.  Anyone want to see them?

Speedo SelfieCock Selfie

November 5th, 2014

Craigslist is AWESOME!!!

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For the 2nd time this trip… Craigslist has come through with the goodies for me.

Until December I had never even visited Craigslist but then I had an amazing threesome with this couple in San Fran that I found on Craigslist.  It was actually my friends that I stay with in San Fran who gave me the idea after one of their close friends marriage broke up because the husband was cheating on his wife and she caught him by tracking his net usage and found that he was picking up chicks on Craigslist.  I have no interest in breaking up any relationship but it seemed like a good place to maybe find other horny people looking for some NSA (no strings attached) action.

I didn’t post about that threesome on here but I did post about it on my blog.  I wrote the story in three parts and you can read them below if you are interested.

  • Part 1 – Joining in with husband and wife
  • Part 2 – Wife sucking me off
  • Part 3 – Fuck my arse with that Aussie cock

Anyway – so yesterday afternoon Kip and I were just sitting around working, drinking some beer.  We had planned to head over to Keystone to party.  There is a bar I’ve been to before that is Thursday night karaokee and there is something about staff getting paid on Thursdays.  It is a bit of a dive bar but it is a fun crowd.

For some reason Kip and I were talking about Craigslist and other adult dating sites – Kip uses Grindr a bunch to pick up guys – and since we both had our laptops on our laps I looked up ‘casual encounters’.  Turns out there were a few posts of couples in Keystone looking for guys.  The most recent one was looking for a guy to ‘jacuzzi’ after some karaokee….  I couldn’t believe it – I was thinking that maybe Kip was stitching me up.

Turns out he wasn’t…….

I can’t give it all away – what happened will be available on my site in about 15 minutes.  Lets just say – three guys and a girl in a jacuzzi.

March 9th, 2012


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I am in Queenstown!!!

The trip went really smooth, train down to the airport and the flight was good although a bit rough coming into to land.  It is windy enough to blow Christ off his Cross but I didn’t have any intention of going snowboarding today anyway.  There is a bit of snow down low which makes town look really pretty.

I’m staying at an old friend of mines place – it is actually a granny flat below their house.  It isn’t 100% private but it is my own space and since I haven’t decided when I’ll go home it should be nice.  And he has a spare car which is awesome!!!

Well I better head off – dinner tonight catching up with some old friends.

One thing I will be chasing up over the next few days is a couple that are serious swingers that I have met online over here.  Should be interesting to see where (if anywhere) that leads.

Here are some pics of Queenstown that I’ve taken myself the last few times I have been here.

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August 24th, 2011
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