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Sensational BJ Movies

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Since you are here on my blog, my guess is that not only do you like speedos, but you probably like blowjobs as well.

Am I right?

I love blowjobs, giving them and particularly receiving them.  My blowjob orgasm is probably my most intense orgasm, particularly if I am tied down or restrained.  I’m not a screamer but having my cock sucked to orgasm does blow my mind and I try and replicate that when I’m giving a blowie.

How about you guys?

Here are some speedo blowjobs that look like they would be fun to be a part of.  These three pics are taken from movies that I’ve added over the last couple of months and if you are a blow… I mean blog member you can watch these three movies right now.  Click here to join for just $5.

Locker Room BlowjobSex in SpeedosSpeedo BJ

March 12th, 2017

Blowjob Goodbye

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Today I caught up with Alex for a swim, probably the last time we’ll see each other for over a month.  We haven’t really seen each other since our foursome a couple of weeks ago either.

I’ve had a couple of public pool locker room experiences and the most recent was back in December with Alex. It was super horny, when would that not be horny?  But Alex said he was incredibly turned on by the thought of getting caught.

So today after we had swam 2.5kms Alex said he wanted to give me a goodbye present….. in the lockerroom.

He told me to swim another lap and to meet me in there, that way it didn’t look quite as obvious…. but still pretty obvious.

Alex had been wearing a pair of black lycra speedos while doing laps but when I walked into the lockerroom I found him in the disabled shower (it is bigger) wearing a red speedo with his cock out slowly stroking it!!!

We didn’t even kiss, I think the first part of my body to touch Alex’s was my lips on the head of his cock.

Alex didn’t last long at all before his cock was pulsing and his cum was filling my mouth.  It was a big load and I took it all (it wasn’t my first time).  By now I was really horny, I was wearing a pair of navy blue Arena speedos which are a slightly loose fit and my cock was straining the front of them big time.

I waited until Alex’s cock stopped pulsing/spasming, then I tucked him back into his red speedos (which his girlfriend bought him for a costume party).  I stood up and went to kissing him but Alex was down on his knees before I had a chance.  Alex sucked his first cock not that long ago and he is proving a natural – he is eager which is worth more than technique in my mind.

Alex pulled my cock out of the leg of my speedos and I leaned back against the wall.  Looking down at Alex’s eyes as he slid my cock all the way in to the back of his throat was an amazing sight – I’m going to have to get some pics of this to share with you guys!!!

I’d jerked off that morning when I woke up, in my speedos and went for a swim in the ocean to clean them so it surprised me when I felt my orgasm coming on.

Being a public lockerroom I tried to be quiet but I’m sure if there was someone else in there, they would have heard what was going on.

I’m off to Sydney early tomorrow morning and start the 30 or 40 hour journey to Colorado (flight is only 14hrs but it is all the connections and stuff).  I’ve got some blog posts scheduled for you guys and I think you might like them.

Talk to you from the other side of the pond.

Speedo Rub DownRed Speedo Blowjob

February 4th, 2015

Oral Friendly

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I’m very much oral friendly.  Girls or guys, I love sucking cock and eating pussy.  I don’t know what it is, my first sexual experiences involved oral sex so maybe it started there.

I think I can honestly say I prefer oral over penetration and I feel as though it is more personal, slamming a guy who is on his knees isn’t very personal I suppose.

Saying that, I’ve received some pretty average head during my time, again both guys and girls.  I think the secret is to use your hands.  A girlfriend that I had years ago was probably the best cock sucker I’ve ever had and maybe it was because we were together for a little while and we were both very open with what we liked.  Her technique was her right hand stroking, obviously her mouth working away on the head of my cock and her left hand was rubbing my balls and occasionally a finger or two playing with my arsehole.  Ow my God the orgasms I’d have from that technique were mind blowing!!!!

Darn, I’m hard as a rock just thinking about it.  I think I’ll have Kip read that paragraph and give him some real life practice…..

Oral OrgyOral SexLots of CockParty BlowjobLucky Guy Getting a BlowjobGay OrgyGay 69Gay Threesome

December 10th, 2013

The Best Orgasm

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Kip and I were talking this morning about the different ways to have an orgasm.

  • Jerking off
  • Fucking
  • Cock Sucked
  • Anal (I can cum just from being fucked without touching my cock – rare but possible)
  • Dry Humping
  • Combination of all the above

For me the most intense orgasm that I have is from having my cock sucked – no finger in my arse while doing it, just 100% cock sucking, no hands either.  This takes me a lot longer to cum to orgasm and sometimes I won’t cum this way at all and have to resort to a finger in my arse or the use of hands.  I think because it takes a little longer is why this is such an intense orgasm for me.

I’m still working on the bloody comments as I’d love to hear what is the most intense orgasm you guys have.  I’ll keep working on it.

Thanks Kip for a 20 minute blowjob just as I described above this morning – amazing!!!!

Hottub Blowjob

March 20th, 2013

Jacuzzi Speedo Sex

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Sorry I had to leave you guys in the lurch yesterday – for starters I was horny just reliving the experience and I did have to help Kip clean up the house before his sister got back from her St. Paddy’s day celebrations – some fun run down in Ft. Collins.

I left you yesterday (read the post below) with two fingers in each of the Denver boys while they both worked on Kip’s cock and balls.  They had just given me the same treatment but I didn’t want to cum too quickly.  Kip however was more than happy to dump his load in one of the Denver boys mouth.  He came really hard and I’m surprised nobody called animal patrol because his moaning was load!!!

The Denver boy who took all of Kip’s cum turned to his boyfriend/partner and they made out sharing Kip’s load.

Now it was time for some fucking.

Both Denver boys were rock hard from my fingering and I told them that my arse needed some attention.

All of us kept our speedos on although our cocks were out in one form or another.

It took a little bit of planning/organising but the four of us finally got into position.  One Denver boy was fucking the other, who was fucking me.  Standing up (well kinda bending over) my cock was just above the water line.  Kip decided to take care of my cock – although I have been known to cum just from being fucked.

Once we were all in position we all started humping.  I can’t claim that it was completely in sync but we did pretty well.  I think I came first with Kip working my cock.  My orgasm was not as loud as Kip’s but it was pretty loud and my arse clenched down on the Denver boys cock that was in my arse.  That was enough to came him cum a couple of strokes after I came.  Then he in turn clenched his arse and made the Denver boy who was in his butt cum as well.

All three orgams started withing maybe 5 seconds of each other.

I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did……

You wouldn’t believe it…. it is actually snowing outside (the first time since I got to Colorado).

March 18th, 2012
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