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Kip is about to get it

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How is every ones head feeling today?

I’m a little dusty.

I got into Kip’s before 7pm last night and he had a house full of people hanging out and looking forward to catching up with me or meeting me.  It was really sweet and Breckenridge might not quite feel like home, but it feels comfortable.

While I was super tired (it was 38 hours of travel from my place in Terrigal, Australia to Kip’s place in Breckenridge, Colorado), the warm welcome gave me a 2nd wind and I rallied.  I also had lots of duty free alcohol.

I didn’t last much past midnight though and I didn’t even hear or feel Kip come to bed sometime after.  I’m writing this post from his living room, he might need a little more rest before I go in there and let him fuck me.  Kip and I both get super horny when we are hungover so my guess is that today we are both going to get pounded HARD.  My guess is that it will be a lazy day in speedos watching American football (which I haven’t watched in 12 months – since the Broncos won the Super Bowl).

OK, I think I’ve waited enough…. time for some American dick!!!!

Hungover in Speedos

January 1st, 2017

Australian Summer

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The weather right now isn’t completely like ‘summer’ (ie sunny, no wind and 30C) it is more cloudy, windy and about 20C but there is cricket on all day and there esky is full of booze.

Being one of the few bachelors amongst my group of friends here and having a place right on the beach although it is much shittier than anyone elses house, my place is a bit of a gathering hub.  My door is never locked and some of the boys keep their surfboards permanently on my back deck.  This time of year most people are off work and my place has been a fun hive of activity.

Yesterday, people were dropping in and out all day to watch a couple of hours of cricket, maybe go for a dip in the surf but generally just hang out.  Alex ended up the last man standing yesterday arvo and the neighbor chicks were hanging out as well.  When the girls finally left I joked that they were off to make love to each other just like Alex and I were…. every one laughed….. if only they knew.  Alex and I did fuck each other and he crashed at my place.

Alex is still in bed as I write this but I might give him a shake and see if he wants to go for a surf before the wind gets up.  Maybe a breakfast/post surf blowjob will convince him to wake up.

Later today I have a bunch of new movies that I’ve uploaded to that I just have to sort through.  If I can get some of them done I will make them live for blog members as well.

Speedo ModelBondi Speedo Play

Hahaha – this is actually what Alex looks like right now.  Although he is wearing black speedos and is in my bed.

Speedo Hang Over

December 27th, 2015

Friday Session

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On Friday night some of the boys came over, not Alex, and a quiet drink after work turned into a HUGE session.

Saturday turned out to be very unproductive but I did catch up on TV shows that I watch (Homeland, Satisfaction, Heroes).  Even today I feel good but still just a little ‘weird’.  As usual I’m horny as hell when I’m hungover so I’ve been jacking off nearly hourly – hahaha.

Shame to waste a whole day but I don’t do it very often, I can’t imagine how anyone could.

I might order some pizza and hopefully later today I’ll be more productive.  How is your weekend going?

Nice Butt in Speedos

November 7th, 2015

Guess who got their asian wings

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This is something I wrote about a while ago but I thought I’d share it with you guys again, particularly the new blog members…..

Guess who go their asian wings last night?

His name starts with Dave and ends with Evans – that is right – THIS GUY!!!

Kip and I had a pretty lazy day yesterday, we grilled up some dinner, had a few beers and were contemplating going out.  It is the busiest I’ve seen town since the ski season finished.

While we were sitting around on the deck I pulled out my phone and checked Grindr – with town being busy Grindr had a lot of guys on it from out of town and some real cuties.  I changed my status to say where Kip and I would be and that I’d be wearing a red polo shirt.

We had a few more drinks and Kip and I walked the 2 blocks into town to one of our regular drinking haunts.

As usual Kip ran into some people he knows from town and I was at the bar and this cute Asian guy asks me if I am Dave Evans!!!

Hell yeah I’m Dave Evans.

Adam the Asian (he made me reassure him that I wouldn’t post his name on here so I thought Adam being the first is appropriate – I think it is funny/clever) told me he hadn’t read my blog before but did after seeing my grindr profile.  He loved it and loves speedos although he admitted to owning only one pair.  I reassured him that I have a few spare and I was wearing some right now.

With that things quickly developed and maybe within half an hour of our introduction we were back at Kips place and making out on the couch.  Adam the Asian loved feeling my speedos and my cock was straining against the lycra of my black Arena speedos.

Adam the Asian slipped off the couch and was licking and sucking my cock through the lycra and I was just dying to unload.

Sorry guys, the rest is for members only – it is only $5 to join and it would help keep this blog alive and running.  Click here to join.

Hot Asian

Asian Guys in Speedos at the BeachAsian Speedo BoyGay Asian Speedo CoupleAsian Speedo SurferHot Asian Speedo

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October 15th, 2015

Laziest Sunday on the Calendar

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Today is the laziest day in Australia….. it is Bathurst Sunday.

I can hear a majority of my readers saying “WTF is Bathurst?”  It is a car race, goes for like 7 hours.  I don’t really care about auto racing (I watch the F1 but I don’t care if I miss it) but this Sunday normally has the weather getting a little warmer and it is just an all day chilling out affair.

This morning I was up early and watched Australia beat Wales in the rugby world cup, I went back to bed then got up for a surf with the boys, went back to bed for a couple of hrs and now I’m up ready to attack the day.  Everyone will be coming over to my place throughout the day (being 7 hours it doesn’t really matter if you don’t watch every minute of the race).  I’ve moved the TV outside, the BBQ is ready, the neighbour chicks will partake during the day.

Should be a hoot.

I’ll be trying not to drink too much or I’ll end up like this guy……

Hung Over in Speedos

One thing I want to tell you guys about, a fan sent me through a story about when he was 18yo and had his first sexual experience while wearing a pair of speedos.  I read it this morning (about an hour ago) and I did blow a load in my red speedos.  No kidding, I was sitting at my breckfast bar in my red speedos, I was hard just starting to read it and when I finished, it didn’t take me long rubbing the outside of my speedo to start cumming.

I wanted to wear my red speedos all day so I went for a quick swim in the ocean to clean them.  It was pretty hot – I’ve posted it over on so head over there and check it out if you are interested.

Girls Sucking Speedo Guy

October 10th, 2015
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